And illegals and their allies worry about photo-id laws here

Venezuela to require fingerprint scanning at grocery stores to ration bread consumption. The rulers ran out of toilet paper more than a year ago, so perhaps they should install hand washing basins near the scanners to ensure a clear image.


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7 responses to “And illegals and their allies worry about photo-id laws here

  1. Riverside Dog Walker

    OT, but you need to be covering the closing of Ada’s which passed for downtown in Riverside. Store was cleaned out last weekend and the building is now awaiting demolition. Her nephew ran it for 3 years or so (check me on this) since she passed away, but as we all knew, this was not a viable business for anyone except Ada, who was probably the closest I’ll get to knowing a saint.

  2. Oh Oh Oh, I loved her…. the whole commmunity passed up and down her steps. Someone get some pictures before they tear it down, and there should be a plaque.

  3. Lemonlulu

    gosh Im so surprised, every day after school theres a line of kids in front.

  4. Anonymous

    TSA lets illegals fly without ID, something American citizens can’t do. Illegals have more privileges and get more benefits than American citizens.

  5. P

    All men are notoriously randy. Gays just have the benefit of a receptive audience.