Well otherwise they’d have to pay more for their maids and gardeners, dummy

Well aren't they ALL Americans?

Well aren’t they ALL Americans?

Poll: Liberals and Democrats prefer illegals over American workers 

Thirty-four percent of liberals, and 26 percent of Democrats, said either that immigrants should be preferred over Americans for jobs, or that they did not know if anyone should be preferred.

And Democrat Chairman Debbie Wasseran-Schwartz called illegals today “part of the backbone of our economy”. 140 millions americans hold jobs, compared to 8 million illegal aliens, but from the perspective of their estates in Vail, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, it’s easy to see how liberals could be confused. For Wasserman and her crowd, the little brown ones they see tending their gardens, raising their children and cleaning their pools are indeed the backbone of the good life.

Think about those numbers: these liberals and Democrats believe that “immigrants” should be preferred over Americans. Preferred! What have they got against the poor folks already here?

And they complain that conservatives are heartless racists who wage war on the poor. 


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6 responses to “Well otherwise they’d have to pay more for their maids and gardeners, dummy

  1. the reason (from Twitter) why Nancy Pelosi won’t do the ice water challenge:

  2. Once

    They prefer them because they take advantage of them.

  3. towny

    8 million??? lmao. Try 30.

  4. anon

    Why are there so many idiots like you who can only think in black and white? If you blame either liberals or conservatives for the problems in government, you are doing exactly what they want you to do. You can always blame the other guy in this type of government, they only pretend to represent your values, the left or the right, while playing it towards whatever the masters of Israel want. Wake up, you dumbass sheeple.