Learning on the job, or just goofing off?


I'll close Gitmo in 24 hours, I'll pull the troops out of Iraq and I'll never need a vacation because this stuff is just so goddamn easy for a brilliant fellow like myself.

I’ll close Gitmo in 24 hours, I’ll pull the troops out of Iraq and I’ll never need a vacation because this stuff is just so goddamn easy for a brilliant fellow like myself.

The White House is now defending Obama’s golfing (and John Kerry’s sailing:

‘Sports and leisure activities are a good way for release and clearing of the mind for a lot of us,’ Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz told reporters in a makeshift briefing room on Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama is on a two-week vacation.

But ‘I am not going to get into the president’s mindset on that,’ he added.

And from the quote that keeps on giving, here’s Obama again, running for office in 2008:

“The bargain that any president strikes with is, you give me this office and in turn my, fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone,” Obama said. “I am giving myself to you.”

Obama went on to say that “the American people should have no patience for what’s going on in your head because you’ve got a job to do” and that people should only run for president if they’re willing to make that sacrifice.

Do you remember last summer, when the White House vehemently and repeatedly denied that Mr. Kerry was sailing on Nantucket Sound while Egypt burned, a denial that lasted until CBS came up with film footage of the lazy bastard on board his boat? They must be learning.




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6 responses to “Learning on the job, or just goofing off?

  1. AJ

    ‘Black Cop Kills Unarmed White Youth — Media and Feds Silent’

    “While Ferguson, Missouri, burns with racism and rioting, misinformation and mayhem over the Michael Brown shooting, another American city is also grappling with the death of an unarmed young man at the hands of police. The incident occurred just two days after the Ferguson event, but, unlike in that case, where a white cop shot a black youth, in this instance the races are reversed. Unlike in Ferguson, there is no allegation that the young man attacked the officer. And there is another difference:

    The national media, Attorney General Holder, and Barack Obama are silent.

    The young man was 20-year-old Salt Lake City resident and father-to-be Dillon Taylor. . . .”


  2. Anonymous Citizenette

    Seriously, what are these fools going to do if /when we have another 9/11? I’ve never been so frightened to be an American. On every level.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    The Libtards play on emotions. They talk of helping the poor, fighting for the underprivileged, and singing a song which plays to the unwashed masses. It sounds good, but it is all BS. But the populace buys it.

    They run a corrupt government, could care less about the people, and use government largesse to feather their own nest.

    Who would run on a political platform promising reform, integrity, and rewarding hard work? Working to get ahead? It is a losing proposition.

    When instead you can promise to give away free stuff, reward failure, and live like a king on the taxpayers dollar?

    We have become a corrupt nation, run by self serving elitists who pretend to be the common man. All that the Founding Fathers opposed, and which this Nation was based on.

    It is totally ironic. Don’t ya think? And It would be funny if it wasn’t so true.

    Your Pal,

  4. AJ Nock

    I never held the Lewinsky affair against Clinton. First being married to a shrew like Hillary is reason enough. Second, the leader of the free world needs some way to blow off steam. If a little nookie with a young intern does the trick who can begrudge him!? That said, Obama is overdoing it with the golf.

  5. Picture says a lot!
    US Ensign boat need jib up to jibe….other can T bone with Main alone…while all “security experts” decide…competitor relies on a real helmsman…staring line or finish line?