Played like a fiddle


Gosh, foreign policy are hard!

Gosh, foreign policy are hard!

Obama now considering bombing Assad’s foes. Two years ago he insisted that world peace depended on bombing Assad himself and he’d have done it, too, if he hadn’t gone off to the Vineyard and been distracted.

Assad saw this goof coming from the beginning and, like Putin, took his measure immediately.


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26 responses to “Played like a fiddle

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    All of the current problems in the Middle East can be contributed to Jimmy Carter. He failed to support the Shah of Iran for “humanitarian” reasons, and the Middle East has been in turmoil ever since.

    We try and impose Western values on a culture that places no value on human life. They are seventh century barbarians, and the libtard strategy is to buy them lattes. IT DOESN’T WORK!!

    The previous leaders in Syria, Iraq, and Iran, all of whom we helped to overthrow, or failed to support, for “humanitarian” reasons, knew how to control their savages. Better them than us. But now it’s us. And now we don’t support even support our only friend in the Middle East – Israel.

    It’s all about political correctness Dude. And it will ultimately kill us all.

    Your Pal,

    • The Shah was once asked when he would treat the people of Iran in a civilized fashion and he replied, “when they are civilized”.
      Still waiting for that.

      • AJ

        They’ve shown great hostility towards the West ever since we assassinated their democratically elected prime minister, Mohammad Mosaddegh in August 1953.

        • Fuckin’ Persians never did have much of a sense of humor.

        • AJ

          Not after 1953 when the US installed the Shah with his secret police, torture and death squads, no.

        • Yos

          ..that’s why they call ’em Farcey, Chris. (cough)

        • AJ

          Hey, but on the bright side, look at how much improved Libya is since Obama waved his magic wand of democracy and freedom over that part of the world.

        • The CIA didn’t actually kill him but they did kill democracy there in the name of the multi-national oil companies who ran the show then as now.

        • Maître D'Oyer et Terminer

          Mossadegh was a Russian tool. The real conflict in Iran at the time was between the pro-western elites and the Muslim clergy largely based in Qom. As a socialist, Mossadegh’s government could never have survived in the long term. Archie Roosevelt merely greased Mossadegh’s slide into oblivion. Anthony Parsons, then UK Ambassador to Iran, wrote in his book on the story that the Islamic Revolution was in fact a counter-revolution against the modernizing forces of the Shah and his supporters that basically tried to drag Iran into the modern world kicking and screaming. There’s some merit to that argument.

      • anonymous

        Travel to LA and you’ll find many Persian wealthy families who managed to get out with their jewels and cash. Note: Don’t go calling them Iranians.

    • Maître D'Oyer et Terminer

      Exactly. Carter is the author of ALL the recent troubles over there. Obama has merely re-written the script to provide for an accelerated precipitous collapse.

  2. AJ

    While Obama is being played, he sees himself as a player, starting at 1:40 of the clip:

  3. Mickster

    Real question is how the hostages went from Assad’s Air Force control to ISIS. If this was an Assad plan, it was he’ll have the US fighting against his enemies.

    • It does seem that yes, he had them first and then transferred them to ISIS with precisely the effect he intended. It’s usually pretty easy to fool the guy who thinks he’s the smartest man in the room – or on the law review.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Done. Not that I had a choice, but it turns out it there are real health benefits, but probably not as practiced by ISIL.

  4. AJ

    They’ve got Obama’s head spinning. He just doesn’t know who to attack.

  5. Yos

    Serious question: Is Obama losing weight, as in, a lot of it? Yipes. It’s like AIDS recovery or post-chemo weight loss.

    • anon

      What do you expect? He’s under so much stress from three-putting 12 of 18 holes yesterday.

      But yes, he looks very thin. I wonder why he wears long pants on the golf course. Toothpick legs?

  6. towny

    Yep. The Phoenicians, Mesopotamians, and Persians have a 10000 year history. Yet we little libtard upstarts in fractured western society think we can push Codepink on them.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    The Persians invented Chess. The SCoaMF has never learned to play. He should be doing something he’s qualified for like running a 3 card Monte game in Harlem, or herding goats in Kenya. On second thought, the latter would be way too complex for him, what with goat ropes and all.