The NYT notices, but won’t condemn, naturally, Obama’s “aloofness”


Relax, be happy!

Relax, be happy!

Golfing in the face of tragedy doesn’t play well in our heartland or even, it seems, in New York.

My personal feeling is that I couldn’t care less what face he shows to the public so long as he does something about the terrorism threatening our shores. He clearly won’t, though.

We know who’s funding these people, from individuals in Qatar to members of the Saudi Royal family to Iran to Muslim leaders in London. A targeted program of assassination would go far in terminating that funding because, right now, these people, especially those in the Middle East, are scared of their fanatical brothers and dismissive of the United States. A bullet in the head of, say, a half-dozen Saudi princes in Monaco, and their cousins might rethink their priorities.


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12 responses to “The NYT notices, but won’t condemn, naturally, Obama’s “aloofness”

  1. Al Dente

    .22 cal right behind the ear.

    The problem is, those Saudis have something on us. I don’t know what it is, but they are pulling strings on this clown:

  2. sunbeam43

    “A bullet in the head of, say, a half-dozen Saudi princes in Monaco, and their cousins might rethink their priorities.”
    I’m all in for the snipers………
    Unfortunately, that’s the extent of their thinking processes!

  3. Anon2

    Note too that the NYT article, as is the norm when (if ever) there’s a smidgen of criticism of the president, no comments are allowed. Hmmmmmmm.

  4. Anonymous

    President Treason is letting them in through the southern border.

    Presidential Advisors, Valerie Rasputin Jarrett and members of the Muslim Brotherhood are making sure that respectively Iranian interests and Muslim interests are well represented at the White House.

    John Brennan, Director of the CIA, is Muslim.

  5. Anonymous

    Don’t forget Germany, Spain, France and I think Italy that have paid hundreds of millions in ransom.

  6. Bullet in the head is much too cream puff for this crowd. Eye for an eye and all that. A couple good old boys in flannel shirts and tool belts sawing off their heads with rusty chain saws might do the trick nicely.

  7. Let’s bring the discussion back to reality. Anonymous at 11:12: you may not like Brennan, but he went to parochial schools and Fordham, a Jesuit college, so your blather that he is a Muslim leads us to conclude you are a childish fool.

    Obama is alone and failing:

    Many of our presidents have been extroverted charmers: FDR, LBJ, Clinton, Eisenhower (everyone admired his ability to unite the fractious allies, so his golf was forgiven), George W. (who was always smiling and giving people nicknames), Teddy Roosevelt the biggest hearty extrovert of all.

    Obama on the other hand has the body temperature of an iceberg, and is failing as a consequence. He seems to dislike humans.