They’re utterly mad but then, we already knew that

“Code Pink” ladies hold demonstration in front of the White House, demanding that the Administration drop hula-hoops rather than bombs on ISIS.

I don’t think the children need hula-hoops over there so much as they need rescue.

Code Pink

Code Crimson

ISIS day care

ISIS day care


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27 responses to “They’re utterly mad but then, we already knew that

  1. Anonymous

    There is another photo of the little girl’s father holding her headless body.

  2. Al Dente

    I think we should sit down and talk with these ISIS chaps over a nice skinny mocha latte, and then they can be reasoned with. And Obama will win the Masters.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    Is that…is that…IS THAT A DEAD BABY!!! It is going to be a glorious day!!

    What is the hardest part about walking through a field of dead babies? YOUR ERECTION!!!

    Anyhows, I support this hula hoop strategy. We need more hula hoopsters as talented as Kat Sunshine.

    Poppa Boner!!
    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Walt – In this context (the pictures of dead babies) your “dead baby” schtick is far more offensive than funny. Perhaps your fertile imagination and comic energy could find a different outlet? Greenwich Old Timer

      • Walt

        If you don’t like it, don’t read it. What do the pictures have to do with anything? You need to see it to believe it? What are you, an eight year old?

        Horror is going on in the world every day. Pictures make it more real to you, and then make it “off limits”? That doesn’t even warrant a response on my part, because it is so moronic. But you are obviously retarded, so I feel pity for you, and will try and explain.

        It is called “black humor”, even though it has nothing to do with Negro’s. In literature, drama, and film, grotesque or morbid humor is used to express the absurdity, insensitivity, paradox, and cruelty of the modern world. And these pictures show the modern world is cruel. ARE YOU FOLLOWING THIS?

        Ordinary characters or situations are usually exaggerated far beyond the limits of normal satire or irony. Black humor uses devices often associated with tragedy and is sometimes equated with tragic farce. Get it?

        Again, if you are too stupid to get it, or don’t like it, don’t read it. But try and understand it. You moron.

        Dude –
        Can we get a moron tag?
        Your Pal,
        The Performance Artist Formerly Known as Walt

        • Yos

          Sure – Here’s a moron tag:
          [Walt] (content here) [/Walt]
          It’s HTML and everything! (Hyper-Text Moron Label)
          . . .

          95% of the time when I see the ‘Walt” I just skip it.
          Seriously, the dead baby routine was funny the first time. In the context of ISIL, ISIS and mooslim behavior, it shows something worse than exceedingly bad taste.
          I do like your schtick, but there are limits, yes?
          Cut the crap.
          Your Pal,

        • Walt

          No. There actually are no limits as it relates to free speech. No matter how much the libtards try and change it. Or you. Because who gets to decide what you can say? You? The libtards? The people with control?

          What you posit is absolutely retarded, and in support of a facist state. You sicken me. So get off your better than thou high horse.

          You vent against dead baby jokes? Why not vent against the people who make dead babies? HOW ABOUT THAT!! Why not focus on the real problem? Don’t read what I write. I could care less.

          Write your Congressman or President a letter. Tell them you want babies to stop being killed. That would show me you have a sense of priority.

          Until then, I think you are a misguided moron. With all due respect.

          And did someone say dead baby?
          What is better than a dead baby?
          The revoked child-support!!

          So I disagree with you 100%. Prima Facie. IBID. AD HOC!!

        • Yos

          At least you didn’t forget the “Walt” tag. Right there at the top. You learn quickly! Impressive!

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    Did you read about the plan of ISIS, or as the Idiot in Chief refers to them, “The JV”, planning to blow up a US city? These guys are well funded, focused, and have a plan. Plus they are crazy, fanatical slums. Well that was redundant, wasn’t it? AND WE HAVE A GOLFER IN CHIEF!!

    The POPE called the parents of James Foley. What did Barry do? PLAY GOLF!! How are people not sickened by this? This jug eared, wookie loving, community organizing, commie loving, Reggie Love popping, slum embracing, racist baiting, self-entitled OREO is a disgrace!!

    We need a plan!! We need a strategy!! I propose. I PROPOSE!! We do a well-funded disinformation campaign. We convince the heathen slums that the prime target US cities are Detroit, or Camden, or Compton. I would propose Cos Cob, but it’s a little too close for comfort. As much as it pains me to admit. So at least when they succeed, we have urban renewal.

    Jug Ears better start taking this shit seriously. GET OFF THE GOD DAMNED GOLF COURSE AND DO SOMETHING!! He is starting to really piss me off.

    Your Pal,
    The Artist Formerly Known as Walt.

  5. AJ

    “Despite repeatedly insisting that it was not allowing illegal aliens to fly without ID, the TSA admits in a letter to Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX) that a ‘notice to appear’ form alone is sufficient documentation for an individual to board an airliner.

    Last month, at the height of the furore over the border situation, it emerged that the federal agency was allowing undocumented immigrants to fly without ID.
    . . .
    “If a passenger can only present a Form I-862, TSA will attempt to establish the passenger’s identity through DHS partner Components, such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If other DHS Components are able to provide corroborating information (such as that the I-862 was issued to an individual with the name provided) to permit TSA to verify an individual’s identity when taken together with all other information available, the passenger is permitted into the screening checkpoint to undergo screening.”

    As Kristinn Taylor points out, the I-862 notice does not represent a secure form of identification since the name that appears on the form is whatever the illegal immigrant chose to tell border authorities and is not linked with any valid form of ID. . . .”

    • Fox

      Let’s face facts: as long as the TSA and Homeland Security refuse to do their job and stop the southern border invasion and we worry about “collateral damage” elsewhere in the world, the United States of America is totally defenseless.

  6. AJ

    ‘Former CIA Officer Says ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels Communicate
    U.S. Gov. and CIA connected to drugs and terror’

    Check out the guy in the photo. He looks just like the guy who sows the teeth of the Hydra in the “Jason and the Argonauts” movie.

  7. Toonces

    Isn’t “Code Pink” the lesbian group from San Francisco? I could look it up but I am feeling lazy, Anyway – they would be the first, or among the first to lose their heads if this craziness comes to the US. I fear it is already here.

    • According to its website, “CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism …”
      It got started as an organization against Bush but after an initial success in popularizing the Brazilian wax job, moved on to political issues.

      • Toonces

        Thanks. I could swear they just did something positive regarding guns though (positive in the pro-2nd amendment sense). I will try to find it.

        • Quite the con tray: anti-gun, anti-capitaism, pro-female circumcision, denial of education to women and, of course, the hanging of homosexuals, though. Quite a bunch.

          • Toonces

            I remember now – it wasn’t a pro-2nd amendment thing. They protested the right of our government to kill someone on US soil with a drone/no trial. They basically supported Rand Paul and his day long filibuster. So, they aren’t ALL bad.

          • I think it was killing US citizens by drone on foreign soil. Considering that the man who sawed off James Foley head is a British citizen, I have no problem, theoretically, with such a practice. Blow ’em high.

          • Toonces

            Here you go. They publicly supported Paul’s cause against domestic drone use.

            I agree with you though – I’ve no problem with taking out the British terrorists in Iraq. The sooner the better.

          • I figure an American citizen (muslims, in the instance) who goes overseas and joins our enemies by raising arms against us has forfeited his rights and privileges under our constitution and his entitlement to due process of law. That may not be the law as enunciated by that very same constitution, but it works for me. In fact, if he comes back to Detroit to work his magic on our shores, I’d consider him fair game then, too.
            Sue me.

          • Toonces

            I understand how you feel but would you really trust Obama with that kind of power? Eric Holder and the like? I would not. Trial by jury – very important. I understand the idea that you forfeit your rights if you do something like that – but unless you are *caught and killed in the act* or unless there is a recording of the crime and irrefutable evidence I could not condone the sort of justice you are describing.

          • Toonces

            Me too. fuming and terrified that they are coming here.