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salamanderGene for tail regeneration in salamanders discovered. When I was in my early teens, I spend some time around an elderly biology professor at Amherst (U. Mass? In Amherst, anyway) who’d spent his entire professional career studying this subject because, he explained to me, if you could unlock the secret of such regeneration, we might one day grow back nerve cells and missing limbs.

He must have died before he achieved success because otherwise I’m sure we’d heard of it by now, but then, he didn’t have the tools to unlock DNA the way we can now.

Wherever he is, I’m sure he’d be pleased by this development.


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Bloomberg in Africa


I get a kick out of Islam

I get a kick out of Islam

Boko Hoko execute two for smoking cigarettes.

“If it saves the life of one child,” Mayor Mike told FWIW …..


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Another promise kept

Hey, someone will deal with it, maybe tomorrow

Hey, someone will deal with it, maybe tomorrow

As he said he would, Obama has fundamentally transformed our reputation and image in the world.

Daily Mail: Smiling Obama swings into action: on the golf course.

President Obama was back on the golf course today as he enjoyed yet another 18 holes amid deepening concerns about the spreading terrorist rampage of extremist group ISIS.

The President played a round with former NBA basketball star Alonzo Mourning and Cyrus Walker, cousin of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, at Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on Saturday.

Watch out, Barry, there's danger ahead - look at the size of that sand trap!

Watch out, Barry, there’s danger ahead – look at the size of that sand trap!



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Pray for a hungry polar bear (or prey for a hungry polar bear; take your pick)


Bears go wild

Bears go wild

Treehugger.com reports that an Italian goof will spend a year on a melting iceberg to prove that icebergs melt, a phenomenon noted by humans since at least the end of the last ice age.

It may seem crazy, but this seems like another much needed nudge to the collective human psyche to adapt and change for the better; in a way, we’ll all be floating adrift with Alex.

“Floating adrift” seems to sum it up neatly.


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Chef receives his just desserts*

Snake bits

Snake bit (s)

Dinner bites back: Chef prepares meal of deadly cobra, dies when cobra objects.

Peng Fan had just finished preparing an Indochinese spitting cobra for a soup when the serpent’s severed head clamped down on his hand, injecting him with a fatal shot of venom, the Mirror reported.

Peng reportedly had decapitated the snake 20 minutes earlier, but he was doomed by the cobra’s long-lasting, reptilian reflexes that persisted even after death.

Stunned diners were startled by the chef’s final cries.

“We did not know what was happening but could hear screams coming from the kitchen,” diner Lin Sun, 44, told the Mirror. “There were calls for a doctor in the restaurant, but unfortunately, by the time medical assistance arrived, the man had already died. After that we did not continue with our meal.”

Too bad striped bass don’t have fangs.


* yes, I know; it’s a pun – go with me on this.


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Corruption, incompetence and a failed business model; sounds like our state government

without_reservation_pb_d2But it’s Foxwoods, which is tumbling towards bankruptcy. Not to worry, though, they have a new plan:

The tribe said in its news release that the underlying business remains strong at Foxwoods and the recent struggles that led to talks with lenders do not affect the casino’s projected liquidity. The tribe has been renovating the property and plans to open an outlet mall at Foxwoods next spring.

They’ll probably ask Eddie Lampert to open a Sears.


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Can’t we just saw off the Denver-Boulder area and ship it to New York or LA?


Redskin cheerleaders

Redskin cheerleaders

University of Colorado, Boulder, renames dorms for Arapaho chiefs, accused of being “culturally-chauvinistic” for using English versions.

Professional Feminist and professor isn’t satisfied:

Kelsey pointed out that other universities have adopted tough-on-the-tongue Native American names for their facilities, including the Xwi7xwa Library at the University of British Columbia and the Muwekma-Tah-Ruk Native American Theme House at Stanford.

“We need to reframe the way we think about our academic endeavor,” she said. “We’re here through the grace and permission of the Arapaho and Cheyenne people. This is their traditional territory and this, in fact, would be honoring them to use their language.”

Look, you naive, ignorant fluke: first of all, if you think we’re here “by the grace and permission of the Arapaho and Cheyenne people”, why don’t you learn some Injun talk and go ask them to enlighten you? Or climb down off your mountain and visit the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial?

We’re here, not by their consent or grace, but because we conquered them. That might not be fair, or even very nice, but we did it, and we now have the right to rename land they once occupied to anything we like – that’s what it means to win.

Second of all, the Sioux also roamed the Boulder area, so why not rename your silly institution Owáyawa Iǧúǧa and stfu?



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Hang this man by a treble hook through his lips


Charles Bowman, proud felon

Charles Bowman, proud felon

NY Post profiles chef who catches wild striped bass to sell in his restaurant.

But they’re not really here to eat. They’re heading out to sea in a chartered 41-foot Hatteras sportfish boat to catch the next night’s dinner at Periyali.

“If the fish is not fresh, I don’t put it in my restaurant,” Periyali owner Steve Tzolis, 76, says over the phone. Tzolis, who opened the restaurant in 1987 with his wife, Nicola Kotsoni, and owns several other NYC eateries, often joins the fishing expedition, but is currently summering in Mykonos in his native Greece — spending much of his time fishing for tuna.

Bowman recalls a trip Tzolis took back in January, when temperatures were frigid. “It’s in his blood,” says Bowman. “[Recently,] he caught three wild striped bass in one shot. They had to be at least 45 to 50 pounds.”

For a veteran restaurant chef, Bowman, 59, has a surprisingly gentle demeanor, and it shows as he balances a fishing rod across his lap and over the side of the boat. He doesn’t wait long before he suddenly senses a bite. “Feels like a blue[fish],” he says, calmly. “It’s not fighting.” He begins steadily reeling the catch in — the line’s about 200 feet out. Finally, the lure — a colorful work of art with multiple hooks custom-built by the deck technician — surfaces in a bubbling froth, and attached is what turns out to be a roughly 8-pound bluefish. The technician adeptly pulls it up, unhooks the mouth and drops it into a giant green bucket. It’s an impressive creature, but what this restaurant crew seems to be really interested in is the striped bass.

“You try to go for wild striped bass,” says Bowman, who grew up fishing in St. Petersburg, Fla., and has worked at Periyali on and off since the beginning. “Customers like the firm whitefish. It’s not as fishy as blue.”

Of course, getting out to Montauk is not an easy endeavor, especially in the summer — so is it worth it? “At $28 to $32 a plate, technically, our trip is paid for,” says Bowman, who recommends sourcing your fish from Citarella if you can’t make it out to Montauk or cover the $650 boat-charter fee. “Plus, we had a great time, and it’s great for the restaurant. It’s a win-win situation.”

Win-win for this criminal profiting from his crime, but not for the scarce striped bass nor recreational anglers.

First of all, the daily limit for striped bass in waters off New York is 2, no more.

Second, and far more serious, this chef and his restaurant owner are engaged in commercial fishing without a license, which is prohibited by law.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has busted restaurant owners for this before, but usually the owners claim (fruitlessly) that they’re just serving the illegally-caught bass to employees. This guy not only admits to selling the fish for profit, he gives its price. I’ll be sending a copy of the Post’s article to the DEC, but I imagine it will have already been flooded with complaints from angry anglers.




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Global Warming: is there ANYTHING it can’t do?


The temperature's rising! The temperature's rising!

The temperature’s rising! The temperature’s rising!

The Eastern coyote, a cross between the western coyote and the wolf, came about through global warming, “experts” claim.

Uh huh. They were present in Massachusetts in sufficient numbers by 1972 for a friend of mine to study them, and they’d been slowly migrating east for decades before that, returning to the land they’d been driven from in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Back in the 70s, global warming hadn’t been invented yet, so my friend and his team of fellow scientists came up with a different explanation for their return: woodlands replacing farm fields, suburbanization providing easy forage, etc.

Life is so much simpler today.


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Another incident of police brutality, this time in Pennsylvania

Wilkes-Barre C.S.I.

Wilkes-Barre C.S.I.

Merciless bastards! Police return life-sized statue of Obama to its owner.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — Police have returned a life-size statue of President Barack Obama that went missing from its owner’s northeastern Pennsylvania porch and was found a few days later reclining on a nearby park bench with a six-pack of Twisted Tea.

“We had to get it off the streets fast,” Wilkes-Barre Police Lt. Humphrey Spade told FWIW,” before innocent civilians were traumatized. We figured it was the lady using him as a porch monkey what caused the trouble in the first place, so we dumped it back on her. She was pissed, but hey, actions have consequences”.


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Because they’re doing such a fine job educating their students on their own


Teachers union heads and de Blasio celebrate their new contract

Teachers union heads and de Blasio celebrate their new contract

NYC teachers union files suit to keep their lesson plans to themselves, free of adult supervision.

The United Federation of Teachers filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday asking a judge to confirm a little-noticed May arbitrator’s decision declaring that teachers — not principals — are in charge of deciding what goes into lesson plans.

The union is taking the extra legal step to strengthen its hand on the issue.

The UFT didn’t even want principals to be able to collect lesson plans, but arbitrator Deborah Gaines, in a May 16 ruling, denied the union’s request.

During the arbitration hearing, a Department of Education representative noted that the union defended a teacher who “merely strung together a list of song titles” and called that a lesson plan.

Total lack of oversight “would, in fact, diminish the professionalism of teachers,” the DOE argued.

[Union rep] Mulgrew defended the union’s case to The Post. He said in a statement that teacher control over lesson plans “helps to reduce the amount of paperwork ­required of teachers.”

He added that teachers themselves should be empowered to decide what happens in the classroom.

“This lawsuit is union boss Mike Mulgrew’s latest attempt to gum up the works at the expense of our kids,” thundered Jenny Selis, head of reform-minded nonprofit StudentsFirstNY. “The only reason for this frivolous ­legal action is to protect the poorly performing teachers who don’t properly plan and aren’t serving our kids well.”

The two biggest donors to the Democratic Party are the trial lawyers and the NEA. It’s the party for the injured, the oppressed and, of course, for the children.


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