Another incident of police brutality, this time in Pennsylvania

Wilkes-Barre C.S.I.

Wilkes-Barre C.S.I.

Merciless bastards! Police return life-sized statue of Obama to its owner.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — Police have returned a life-size statue of President Barack Obama that went missing from its owner’s northeastern Pennsylvania porch and was found a few days later reclining on a nearby park bench with a six-pack of Twisted Tea.

“We had to get it off the streets fast,” Wilkes-Barre Police Lt. Humphrey Spade told FWIW,” before innocent civilians were traumatized. We figured it was the lady using him as a porch monkey what caused the trouble in the first place, so we dumped it back on her. She was pissed, but hey, actions have consequences”.


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12 responses to “Another incident of police brutality, this time in Pennsylvania

  1. Anonymous

    She didn’t dress it up as a jockey?

  2. Anonymous Citizenette

    Maybe she can relocate it to her wood pile.
    (I apologize in advance…..very sorry).

  3. sunbeam43

    Good grief, the lunacy of the butt kissers is monumental!

  4. AJ

    Wonder how many commemorative plates and inaugural coins this woman owns?