Another promise kept

Hey, someone will deal with it, maybe tomorrow

Hey, someone will deal with it, maybe tomorrow

As he said he would, Obama has fundamentally transformed our reputation and image in the world.

Daily Mail: Smiling Obama swings into action: on the golf course.

President Obama was back on the golf course today as he enjoyed yet another 18 holes amid deepening concerns about the spreading terrorist rampage of extremist group ISIS.

The President played a round with former NBA basketball star Alonzo Mourning and Cyrus Walker, cousin of White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, at Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on Saturday.

Watch out, Barry, there's danger ahead - look at the size of that sand trap!

Watch out, Barry, there’s danger ahead – look at the size of that sand trap!



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21 responses to “Another promise kept

  1. ‘Cyrus’ is a newly developed android required to keep Ø in check for his puppet master overlords

  2. sunbeam43

    Is anyone noticing that he’s looking really sickly lately!?!?

  3. And is his consistent choice of golf buddies sort of a reaction to decades of fairways painted in white? He’s making too obvious a statement.

  4. sunbeam43

    Another thing I’d like to know is……….how many people have we paid for, to be flown in to MV, to play golf with the Butthead!

  5. AJ

    Whoa, Check it out at 0:10 of this clip and compare it to the picture above.

  6. Peg

    Check out this column by Mo Do about the Golfer in Chief – and then see how she is SAVAGED (racist slut!) by the NYTimes readers.

    These type of people will catch on to what he has done to our nation on the 12th of Never.

    • RealTorme

      First time I have liked Dowd’s writing in years. I didn’t see any “comments”

      • sunbeam43

        The comments were there, and as expected, it was pretty much the typical rhetoric of the ignorant and stuck in the mud left………blame others, blame Republicans, blame the clogged toilet; muddled with excuse after excuse! When you’ve supported this turd for 6 years you definitely cannot go down with him………..horrors!
        Truly aghast at the number of folks who will not admit they were WRONG! That’s one huge reason we are in such a huge mess!

        • anon

          I too was appalled, but not surprised, at the blind support of Obama in the comments. Real Torme, at the top right of the article, there’s an icon that looks like a rectangle quote with an = inside. Click that. Then, to see Sunbeams point, click the tab that says Reader’s Picks. That’s when you gulp and realize how much love there is for this man. Hard for me to even say that, let alone comprehend.

  7. Rick

    Interesting statistic on the CBS news yesterday showing that Obama has taken less than half the vacation days that Reagan and Dubya took at this point in their terms, and also fewer than Clinton.

  8. Anon2

    The bottom feeder Obama story of the day is that the WH is sending THREE delegates to tomorrow’s Michael Brown funeral in St. Louis. Ask yourself, what message is being sent that Obama doesn’t send any delegates to Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, Obama doesn’t lower himself to attend himself or send delegates to General Greene’s service, yet a black “kid” who just ‘gently took stuff’ from a convenience store, deserves three? If that isn’t the most disgusting thing Obama has done, it’s downright close.

    • Oh, don’t be hasty; there’s such a long list of disgusting things this creature has done, you don’t want to rush to place this one at the head of the line.

      • Peg

        Anon2 – when it comes to disgusting, stupid, destructive, unconstitutional stuff The One has done – alas, a wealth of material from which to choose.