Because they’re doing such a fine job educating their students on their own


Teachers union heads and de Blasio celebrate their new contract

Teachers union heads and de Blasio celebrate their new contract

NYC teachers union files suit to keep their lesson plans to themselves, free of adult supervision.

The United Federation of Teachers filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court Thursday asking a judge to confirm a little-noticed May arbitrator’s decision declaring that teachers — not principals — are in charge of deciding what goes into lesson plans.

The union is taking the extra legal step to strengthen its hand on the issue.

The UFT didn’t even want principals to be able to collect lesson plans, but arbitrator Deborah Gaines, in a May 16 ruling, denied the union’s request.

During the arbitration hearing, a Department of Education representative noted that the union defended a teacher who “merely strung together a list of song titles” and called that a lesson plan.

Total lack of oversight “would, in fact, diminish the professionalism of teachers,” the DOE argued.

[Union rep] Mulgrew defended the union’s case to The Post. He said in a statement that teacher control over lesson plans “helps to reduce the amount of paperwork ­required of teachers.”

He added that teachers themselves should be empowered to decide what happens in the classroom.

“This lawsuit is union boss Mike Mulgrew’s latest attempt to gum up the works at the expense of our kids,” thundered Jenny Selis, head of reform-minded nonprofit StudentsFirstNY. “The only reason for this frivolous ­legal action is to protect the poorly performing teachers who don’t properly plan and aren’t serving our kids well.”

The two biggest donors to the Democratic Party are the trial lawyers and the NEA. It’s the party for the injured, the oppressed and, of course, for the children.


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10 responses to “Because they’re doing such a fine job educating their students on their own

  1. Publius

    I am certain that this should not be an issue, because you know that teachers have masters degrees…….

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    I sometimes wonder how these people can sleep at night, but then I remember that they’re all Demoncrats.

  3. Anon2

    I see no problem with the teachers being allowed to define their own lesson plan. After all, how then would kids learn how to re-enact the Michael Brown murder? Sheesh.

  4. The 1980 Jimmy Carter convention the largest contingent was members of the Teacher’s union. They got the worthless Dept of Ed.

    Is there anything they can’t corrupt?

  5. anonamoo

    Michael is busy today. Getting kids ready for school you ask? Painting hallways of old schools? Naw, that might get in the way of his REAL job!

  6. Anonymous

    NEA =/ UFT.

  7. Anonymous

    I had this realization over the weekend – the future of the medicine in the country is going to mirror the school system. The public tier will look a lot like public schools. At some point doctors will probably unionize and healthcare will be more about protecting the practitioner’s “rights” and pensions. The majority will get a practitioner who is going through the motions, checking the boxes with a general indifference to their 9-5s, hanging till the pension kicks in.

    As the government gets ever more involved, the type of people who go into medicine will adjust as well. Think of it this way – if you just graduated with an MBA would you want to go into a union/government controlled industry (like autos)? There’s a selection process based on the degree of regulation and the same thing will happen in healthcare with who decides to become an MD.

    And then there will be the private sector where you get good old fashioned health care, where the practitioners are responsive to their clients and are actually trying to do the right thing.

    Maybe not an original thought on my part, but when in doubt about where medicine is going, just look to the school system model.