Bloomberg in Africa


I get a kick out of Islam

I get a kick out of Islam

Boko Hoko execute two for smoking cigarettes.

“If it saves the life of one child,” Mayor Mike told FWIW …..


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4 responses to “Bloomberg in Africa

  1. strange article. the second half discusses the government’s anti-smoking initiatives while the answer is right there in the first.

  2. Anonymous

    Hitler was the first to ban smoking. Look it up. Your link is to the Daily Caller a site that really sucks because it takes forever for the page to load because of its stupid ads, then it locks up when you hit the backpage button. Breitbart does the same thing.

  3. Abdul al Kaboom

    An idea for the Sears hardware department that might save the store: The Allah Blade! It’s only a matter of time before heads start rolling here in the U.S. And why not make a buck on it?

    “It is against Allah’s law to punish an infidel with anything but the Allah Blade”

    Or maybe infomercials on Sunday mornings. We’ll be rich!