Can’t we just saw off the Denver-Boulder area and ship it to New York or LA?


Redskin cheerleaders

Redskin cheerleaders

University of Colorado, Boulder, renames dorms for Arapaho chiefs, accused of being “culturally-chauvinistic” for using English versions.

Professional Feminist and professor isn’t satisfied:

Kelsey pointed out that other universities have adopted tough-on-the-tongue Native American names for their facilities, including the Xwi7xwa Library at the University of British Columbia and the Muwekma-Tah-Ruk Native American Theme House at Stanford.

“We need to reframe the way we think about our academic endeavor,” she said. “We’re here through the grace and permission of the Arapaho and Cheyenne people. This is their traditional territory and this, in fact, would be honoring them to use their language.”

Look, you naive, ignorant fluke: first of all, if you think we’re here “by the grace and permission of the Arapaho and Cheyenne people”, why don’t you learn some Injun talk and go ask them to enlighten you? Or climb down off your mountain and visit the Sand Creek Massacre Memorial?

We’re here, not by their consent or grace, but because we conquered them. That might not be fair, or even very nice, but we did it, and we now have the right to rename land they once occupied to anything we like – that’s what it means to win.

Second of all, the Sioux also roamed the Boulder area, so why not rename your silly institution Owáyawa Iǧúǧa and stfu?



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14 responses to “Can’t we just saw off the Denver-Boulder area and ship it to New York or LA?

  1. burningmadolf

    You just can’t make this stupid shit up.

  2. Live Free or Die

    She could read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee for starters…..

  3. She will surely vote for Elizabeth Warren in the 2016 Demoncrat primaries.

  4. sunbeam43

    Slice off Austin, Texas while you’re at it!

  5. Love that tuna in the graphic.

  6. Anon2

    you do know that the students at CU won’t know or care what their dorm is named. The find their building by feel, on all fours, at three in the morning, crawling back from the pubs. most only live in the dorm for a year anyway, then off to an apartment.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey, we stole this country fair and square.

  8. Behind the library

    Codswallop. Has anyone noticed we speak English, not Arapaho or Sioux (or Lakota if you want). We call Germany Germany because that’s its name in English. We don’t call it Deutschland, because we speak English. Same for any other translated names. Jeez.