Global Warming: is there ANYTHING it can’t do?


The temperature's rising! The temperature's rising!

The temperature’s rising! The temperature’s rising!

The Eastern coyote, a cross between the western coyote and the wolf, came about through global warming, “experts” claim.

Uh huh. They were present in Massachusetts in sufficient numbers by 1972 for a friend of mine to study them, and they’d been slowly migrating east for decades before that, returning to the land they’d been driven from in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Back in the 70s, global warming hadn’t been invented yet, so my friend and his team of fellow scientists came up with a different explanation for their return: woodlands replacing farm fields, suburbanization providing easy forage, etc.

Life is so much simpler today.


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2 responses to “Global Warming: is there ANYTHING it can’t do?

  1. Do not underestimate “Global Warming”…think of the Permit Parasite disease, the Lifeboat Chasers Industry and degradation of our lakes and oceans created by ….ethanol dictate….at least a positive chance for a benefit…cheaper corn whisky after huge corn glut this year….time to put a lid on LID (Low Information Democrats)?