Denise Savageau – patronizing queen bee

And I demand a government doublewide

And I demand a government doublewide

After throwing a monkey wrench into the works at last month’s P&Z hearing on the matter, the expansion of affordable housing at Adams Gardens in Old Greenwich is going forward. You can read the article to get the details,but basically, Savageau, a large woman employed by the town as our “conservation director”, claimed that she wasn’t satisfied with the evacuation plan for the exiting complex (which has been there since 1949) because it housed “some of our most vulnerable residents”. Housing Chairman had the right response:

Despite the likely approval of the project at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s September meeting, Romeo said he remained frustrated by the unnecessary delay.

“I’m just upset by the fact that some of the statements made were misleading,” he said. “I felt that (Savageau) was denigrating the people in public housing, like they need government to care for them. I just take offense to the attitude that government is the only answer.”

These “affordable housing” apartments are rented to town workers and other families, with income limits of, I think, somewhere around $65,000 per year. The only thing “vulnerable” about them is that Savageau considers them wards of the state, and thus her responsibility.  They aren’t either, and Savageau’s attempt to portray them as such should have resulted in her being booted out of that first P&Z meeting, rather than listened too, however cursorily.

Does Peter Tesei even understand that he has the power to hire and fire people like Savageau? Would someone please inform him that he does? And lend him a backbone to do it?


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  1. AJ

    Forget about patronizing queen bees. ‘Cause I’m a King Bee, gonna buzz all night long.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s time for lawfare against Savageau.

  3. Wake up call?
    $11,000 per vulnerable deer elimination.
    $ 312 per vulnerable deer elimination
    $ 6,500.000 elimination of children on Calf Island
    Threatening Town Employee Housing….priceless
    Institutional Incompetence has reached a new low?

    • Korrektchin …312 per vulnerable goose elimination

    • housecat

      Greenwich “eliminated children on Calf Island”?

      • Hundreds of children were camp members there every year for almost 50 years. YMCA was given island by,(in part my family) with 13 Deed Codicils that restricted its use and ownership to local youth oriented independent regional organizations. YMCA put it up for sale. No takers even at 1.5 million because of Deed. Power pigs including DS, Suethemall and Shays arranged for a 6.5 million Federal takeover so Y could build a pool and go deeper in debt. They had deeper tax lined pockets than the group that fought to keep it out of Federal hands.
        It is a mess.
        False premises included “human disruption caused by campers (mostly day) from potential Heron Rookery. Large Heron Rookery on Great Captain’s survives despite ferry delivered island users daily. Largest Heron/Pelican Rookery in France at Camargue has thousands of visitors daily to a bar/restaurant 50 feet from some of the nesting spots.
        Island is grossly undermanaged and few kids get there a year.
        It was supposed to be a place for education and relief from city life that was feared coming to Greenwich when I95 opened in 1954.
        Some things don’t change, except power players looking out for themselves.
        Who is looking out for the children who have missed out on getting to know the wonders of the Sound by experiencing it instead of being green brainwashed in the classroom about being guilty for being alive, especially for living in a suburb ?
        They are the new “vulnerable”…..
        Take back Calf and decrease the vulnerable count!
        And government intervention.

  4. Anonymous

    That would require a set of balls!
    Our FS only asserts authority when he has gripes against the harbor master. That’s the only time Tesei seems to have an opinion. He should order our renegade police chief and our conservation director to concentrate on their specific duties and stop meddling. Its embarrassing how weak the FS has become. Lash would never have tolerated a police chief so full of himself.

    Read Bob Hortons latest GT article.