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Off to the Northeast Kingdom, VT

Due to global warming and the resultant "extreme weather", Vermont has cancelled summer this year.

Due to global warming and the resultant “extreme weather”, Vermont has cancelled summer this year.

Out of here for a few days snowshoeing in Vermont, where I’m promised no internet access.I  don’t believe that, personally, so check in from time to time to see if I haven’t been able to hang some string and a couple of tin cans from a tree. Otherwise, back by the weekend, I expect.

Behave yourselves.


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Crazed gun owners take to the streets of Dallas, media recoils. Or not.

A new citizens patrol group has formed in Texas and they’re openly parading with assault rifles and pistols.

[L] eader, Huby Freeman said the group wants to educate neighbors about the right to bear arms and the need for it.

“We believe we can police ourselves and bring security to our community, ridding our community of … crime, violence, terror, etc., etc.,” Freeman said.

Freeman and more than two dozen other people, many carrying rifles, marched Wednesday afternoon along Martin Luther King Boulevard and Malcolm X Boulevard, streets named for civil rights leaders.

At one point, the march went to Elaine’s Restaurant on Martin Luther King Boulevard, where demonstrators piled rifles on tables as they ordered cold drinks and food.

A Dallas police lieutenant and deputy chief were eating lunch in the restaurant at the time. They politely spoke to the demonstrators as they paid their bills.

Unsurprisingly, the liberal press has trotted out the usual condemnations, like this one in Daily Kos:

The question that I rarely see asked is: why are we so obsessed with guns?

As far as I can tell there is one key reason: a lack of self-esteem.

The self-defense that gun owners are talking about is usually about defending themselves from that evil godless government that is out to get them. And, possibly, from a Muslim invasion (I once heard that one). I have to say that I’m impressed by the level of stupidity it takes to think that owning a gun, even an assault weapon, would be enough to fend off the United States military. That is a level of delusional that even Star Trek fans who think they are actually Klingons don’t reach.

So where does the self-esteem issue come in? In order to think the government is after YOU, you have to think of yourself as pretty important. Newsflash: the government doesn’t really give a shit about you and probably never will.

[I]f you’re an unsatisfied American citizen, angry with the government, then I guess owning a gun and saying, “Let’s see anyone fuck with me now!” might feel pretty good. It’s a superficial level of good but I understand the feeling. And if the now proud gun owner musters up the belief that people are out to get him then he’s doubly proud of his brand new gun because he knows he’s a prime target and he’s ready to fight the good fight.

There’s also the fact that holding a gun gives you a sense of power. A gun is made to kill and having the power to kill makes a lot of people feel pretty damn important. Without the gun maybe they’re not much but with it? Oh, boy, now we’re talking. Now they’re a real tough guy because they can put a cap in someone’s ass.

People own guns because they desperately want to feel important and powerful. There’s always the joke that gun owners are compensating for a small penis and there’s a bit of truth to that. They are compensating for something; they’re compensating for a low self-esteem.

Micro-penised, lacking self-esteem, Huey P. Newton Gun Club members march in shame

Micro-penised, lacking self-esteem, Huey P. Newton Gun Club members march in shame

That’s telling ’em, although I somehow doubt that Mr. Kos would dare say any of this directly to this new group, The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, because there’s not a liberal on earth who’d tell a black male his penis is laughably small.



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Well if you’re gonna rule the world and stuff, you deserve unlimited vodka


Harvard law students demand early admission to the bar

Harvard law students demand early admission to the bar

Harvard Club bows to protests from its members, resumes free refills at the bar. “We protested not just for ourselves,” Justin Cadwallader Lodge, Harvard ’93, Harvard Law 1996, told FWIW, “though Lord knows most of us aren’t used to paying for our own drinks, but for justice for all Harvard alumni – we’ve let minorities into the club now, you know, and they are our most vulnerable members. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go attend the martini-ice bucket challenge,we’re raising funds for the staff.”

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