Off to the Northeast Kingdom, VT

Due to global warming and the resultant "extreme weather", Vermont has cancelled summer this year.

Due to global warming and the resultant “extreme weather”, Vermont has cancelled summer this year.

Out of here for a few days snowshoeing in Vermont, where I’m promised no internet access.I  don’t believe that, personally, so check in from time to time to see if I haven’t been able to hang some string and a couple of tin cans from a tree. Otherwise, back by the weekend, I expect.

Behave yourselves.


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27 responses to “Off to the Northeast Kingdom, VT

  1. Peg

    Have lotsa fun.

    And NEXT time – maybe you should invite me? 😉

  2. Far Right Wing

    Believe it or not, you may actually meet the last few Republicans in VT they are either in the NEK or around Dorset in the banana belt!

  3. Mickster

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Try to come up with some original thoughts there – latest posts suck bigtime. Enjoy

  4. Cos Cobber

    It has been a cold summer for northern New England. Bring a sweater.

    Out west, the Tetons, Yellowstone and the Bridger Range in Bozeman received a coating of snow yesterday. August snow!

    And that August snow fell atop some patches still melting from last winter. Could we have baby glaciers forming?

  5. Anon2

    Go, get out of here. take a break, you deserve it. Play nine rounds of golf. Attend a fundraiser or two. Hug it out with Hillary. Oh wait…..

  6. sunbeam43

    Have fun! Watch out for that Muslim woman who’s offended by bacon at Sneakers!

  7. Anonymous

    Northeast Kingdom Vermont is incredibly pretty.

  8. Parker Pie, Glover. Best Pizza north of St. Johnsbury.

  9. P

    Whatever will we do. Godspeed and hurry back.

  10. anonamoo

    perfect time to be without internet, i’m about to pull the plug on my phone. if you leave NOW, you won’t have to be inundated with Michael Brown funeral stories and photos of the ‘grieving’ parents, dressed in matching outfits, his casket draped in hundreds of red roses (ka-ching), celebrity speakers with the same old same old same old story – the white cop made me do it! As someone mentioned in an earlier post, three WH officials are in attendance. No, no judgement there. It’s a dog and pony show for the media, orchestrated like an old Busby Berkeley musical. It’s sickening.

    Compare and contrast to the sweet and dear family of James Foley, who had a Catholic mass for the family and friends with little to no media coverage, the people who spoke actually KNEW Foley (versus Al Sharpton being told what a good boy Brown was).

    Can you tell I am furious?

    Other than that, have a great time away. Bring home Vermont syrup.

  11. housecat

    What *are* you thinking? The last time you scarpered off it was a bloodbath in here.

  12. anonamoo

    Nunja forget, Fettuccine Al Dente created the While Chris is Away blog. We could use that rather than being three year olds her, as long as Al is OK with hosting us. Al?

  13. Anyone who wants to have fun over on whilechrisisaway, just send me an email at and I’ll make you an admin – you can post till you’re blue in the face. Or balls. Whatever.

  14. There is a nice message from John Fountain posted by Sarah on Facebook.
    I posted it over at

  15. Anonymous

    You just can’t wait another moment and skedaddle on up there to open up that roadside bacon stand, can you? Don’t forget to stop and bring home some Curtis’ barbecue.