News from the battle zone

Banned in Winooski

Banned in Winooski

VT: Diner takes down bacon advertisement after muslim complains.

The mayor of the town, Winooski, Vt., commended the diner for taking down the sign. “The cool part of living in a diverse community is that it’s not always comfortable,” Mayor Katherine “Deac” Decarreau told the television network.

What Mayor “Deac” means, apparently, is that anything that makes muslims and other politically favored minorities uncomfortable must be eliminated, and the resulting discomfort of male white Christians celebrated.

Winooski, a self-described “art-mecca” is a no-go zone for this blogger. Except, perhaps, to scatter bacon sandwiches on the streets during a midnight run.


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57 responses to “News from the battle zone

  1. Abdul al Kaboom

    This post offends me, please take it down.

    • Cobra

      Anon…I’ve tried the Hormel pre-cooked bacon, but vastly prefer the microwaveable “Oscar Mayer THICK CUT Fully Cooked Bacon.” “THICK CUT” is superior to their “regular” thickness SKU for BLT’s (and just about any other bacon-centric creation) at times when cooking “real” bacon isn’t convenient. Our local Stop ‘n Shop carries Thick Cut, while my preferred grocery outlet, the A&P directly across the street from S ‘n S, does not. Definitely worth the extra stop to get the gold standard in pre-cooked bacon.

      • Cobra

        Intended for Anon at 4:16 further down in this thread.

        • anon

          Thanks Cobra: never seen the OM thick cut in the stores. seen the regular OM. I’ll have to search it out and give it a try. Are they in packets of four like the Hormel?

        • Cobra

          Anon at 5:25…each box contains 9 to11 slices. I routinely use four slices per sandwich, but some might find that overkill…three would suffice for most BLT aficionados,

        • anon

          Four slices here too, two on each piece of bread. Who in their right mind uses an uneven number of bacon slices??

          The next serious question: mayo or Miracle Whip?

        • Cobra

          Hellman’s mayonnaise…the high octane spread, not the dreaded low-fat dreck. I only consume BLTs during summer, for nearly every lunch, when my home-grown tomatoes are ripe. The red mystery spheres sold during the off-season just don’t cut it.

        • anon

          Uh oh. Here’s where we differ. Only Miracle Whip for us. Lots of it. I do agree though that no good American uses low-fat mayo. Blech.

        • Anon at 7:00…While the OM thick cut bacon is also microwaveable, it is labeled as “Fully Cooked,” so bacon junkies may gobble a few slices straight from the box when a munchies attack occurs with no concern of a potential trichinosis condition.

      • Yos

        Mmmmmmm! Baaaaacon!
        (I do wish bacon could be kosher. sigh.)
        There’s a (Mennonite? Dutch Reform?) community church tent at an annual festival we like to visit. Everything smells so good!

        PS, there are five a’s in baaaaacon, just as there are in raaaaacist. : ]

      • housecat

        Cobra and anon: I’ve never tried the fully-cooked kind, myself. I usually stick to OM center cut, nuked for 3+ minutes. One of the few benefits of working from home – I’d never do that in an office. Unless… I find myself working with “Deac” in the future. Then it’s war: I think I might discover that I’m a part of a pork-worshiping sect of fundamentalist _____s. One which requires a ritual sacrifice of packaged meat in the office microwave.
        Yos: you have my sincere sympathies, dude.

  2. Mickster

    Therein lies the problem with this country. You can’t please everybody. If someone is offended by a “yield to bacon” sign, guess what, it’s THEIR issue. It’s a fing JOKE, people!!

  3. Anonymous

    isn’t bacon a Constitutional right?

    the hajjis don’t like dogs neither. send the c*nt a BLT and a puppy.

  4. a re-play of this might be allowed?

  5. Peg

    I am offended by signs of “progressive” lefties who, bit by bit, are destroying our country. Please, take them down.

    And preserve the bacon! Priorities, people!

  6. rivman

    What’s next? Hindus and beef, lactose intolerant and milk, JAPS and tube steak…

  7. Disgusted

    Sadly Vermont is a perfect example for the old saying ” all it takes for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing”.

    Native Vermonters by nature are liberal in the true sense of the word, not progressive. Their attitude was I’ll leave you be and you leave me alone.
    That freedom naturally attracted out of state progressives, who of course and true to form proceeded to implement their brand of “liberal”.

    So now 80 percent of the Vermont legislature is comprised of transplanted liberals moving into the state to change it .
    Sad but true

    • anonamoo

      why wouldn’t the Vermont attitude you outlined bring conservatives or libertarians? I’ll leave you be is NOT the mantra of liberals.

    • Cobra

      Vermonters elected Socialist libtard Bernie Sanders as Senator. Enough said.

      • Disgusted

        Again, you are talking about people who moved to VT.
        Unfortunately real Vermonters don’t go to the polls but only to their local townhall meetings where local issues are voted on.

    • sunbeam43

      Boyohboy, have you nailed it!

  8. sunbeam43

    Bingo! Happy you put Winooski on your no go list! Typical behavior from a Burlington neighborhood! Rampant socialism! Wait until this Muzzie chick has her kids behead the mayor!?!?

  9. bacon may not be for everyone:

    • anon2

      Saw that video on White House Dossier and Weasel Zipper blogs. The comments on both sites are priceless. Michelle, The First Princess. Even fat Bill Clinton ran and was convivial.

      Bacon is good. Michelle is not.

  10. Clubber

    They’re not all crazy non-bacon eaters up there. Had some spectacular dining a few weeks ago at he new in Burlington. Give it a shot, world class chow and the pork belly was, as they say, “to die for.” Oink, oink.

    • anonamoo

      Hen of the Wood is the coolest website I’ve ever seen. Great photos, especially the guy on a bike with a gun over his shoulder and a dead deer on the back. Winner winner. Love it.

  11. Clubber

    Or, more to the point, is in nearby Waterbury.

  12. Anonymous

    Similar to those pink smiley faces you see tacked up on poles & trees around town; someone should make little pink woodcut pigs & start tacking them up all around Winooski.

  13. Cos Cobber

    darwin award winner or legitimate accident? i’m a gun rights person, grew up with guns in the house and started with rifles rather young. i have little understanding for those thinking someone under the age of 16 needs to experience something more than a basic firearm. now he’s dead and she is scared.

    • Darwin Award – hand a fully automatic Uzi to a nine-year-old?

    • anonamoo

      this story is front and center for every liberal media talking head – the “how could they”, the “isn’t this really stupid”, you name the headline, they’ve thought it up. Only Fox interviewed an employee of the range who said their men are trained to keep one arm on the back of the shooter so if the gun rears, the trainer can move the gun away. I wonder if this story would have made headlines had the shooter been 45? or 18? The age does seem young even to me, but she had parents permission, there had been no previous accidents at the range, there was no reason to believe this would go wrong either.

      • Cos Cobber

        i dont care how safety conscience a firing range maybe, a nine year old with anything other than a basic rifle or shotgun is a formula for misfortune. this is obvious.

    • always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction… or not

    • Fred2

      As many of the gun people have commented this was deeply unfortunate example of poor training procedure by the trainer who should have known better. Lots of kids that age can & have safely be taught to fire full automatic weapons.

      Even teaching the adults the technique should have been “work up to it” with magazines that are progressively filled with more and more rounds so the user learns to both control the recoil and to fire in short bursts. ( Believe it or not, firing a full magazine in one go is neither usually recommended nor generally considered very useful, even in full size machine-guns (Ok, if you have a human wave attack, you might mash your 70lb water cooled Vickers/Maxim to “oh my god” & hope the loader can keep enough belts hooked together, but that’s not terribly common), much less machine pistols and sub-machine guns and assault rifles. First the recoil usually makes your aim horribly bad, secondly the air cooled guns over-heat *really* fast at 600 to 1200 rpm. Third, ammo is pricey.)

      • Cos Cobber

        I see elevated risk with zero upside. A child trained to use anything but a basic rifle is just something adults irrationally try to justify. There is nothing gained from this experience. Adults can have guns, kids can wait.

    • pulled up in OG

      The shooting range, called Bullets and Burgers, coulda used one of Fountain’s robots, eh?

  14. Monody

    Time to inject some humor. It’s Laugh Wednesday.

    After the VMA drool fest over Queen Béy, aka Feminist, (as if) and the H8 over The Pedestal Affair gorgeous and funny Sofia Vergara did at the Emmy’s, this old hysterical SNL skit surfaced again today about Bey. Beyoncé is waaaaaaaaay overrated. She shakes her thang but talented singer? I report. You decide.

  15. Saline Dreamin'

    She’s a total fraud!