And while you were tanning on the beach…

We were up solving the world’s problems

David Yudain explains the solution for permanent peace in the Middle East

David Yudain explains his solution for permanent peace in the Middle East


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5 responses to “And while you were tanning on the beach…

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    SO I WAS CORRECT!! You are a boner fido HIPSTER!!

    While you aren’t wearing your trademark skinny jeans and boat shoes, with a coffee stained wife beater, your attempt at “effortless cool” couturier is a dead giveaway!!

    Your American Apparel hat. Your swatch watch. The hipster sandals on your disgusting little twelve toed bunion riddled feet. The commie cargo shorts. And the ankle bracelet!!

    Are you trying to be Jack Kerouac? Hunter Thompson? Gay Talese?
    Well your fashion sense won’t get you there Dude. Stop looking for short cuts. THERE AREN’T ANY!! You lazy little turd. And I mean that fondly.

    And your fashion “sense” is only taking you in the wrong direction. Stop trying to be “cool”. Or Hip. Or interesting. Or engaging. Or likable. Or entertaining. Or smart. Or nice. Or warm. Or friendly. Or approachable.

    JUST BE YOU!! Then write what you know, and feel. Which basically limits you to dirt, guns, and Jap school girl porn.

    So two out of three ain’t bad. MEATLOAF DUDE!!
    Your Pal,

  2. Does his solution involve rendering the muzzles lands into glass skating rinks with the application of thermonuclear generated heat?

  3. clancy wiggentootf

    swollen lower extremities are not a good sign

  4. So you guys funally agreed to my Site Plan for the UN…in Jerusalem…
    Is the reatiner “in the mail”?
    Remember 40% of voters voted to have it here instead of New York?
    Time for us to vote, again….so New York does not move here as the result of “regulations”.