Corporate greed? How about short-sighted government stupidity?

Heap trouble

Heap trouble

Third casino in Atlantic City closing this week.

“We’re all feeling a little betrayed,” Showboat cook Curtis Wade said. “We’re all walking around in a fog today. We worked really hard to try to keep it operating, and we’re still profitable. We still don’t understand why we were the one targeted to close, and nobody has given us an answer on that. There are too many jobs being pushed out of Atlantic City due to corporate greed.”

Wade will be among the thousands of workers showing up at the Atlantic City Convention Center on Wednesday for a mass unemployment filing.

The Showboat’s owner, Caesars Entertainment, closed the still-profitable casino to reduce the number of casinos in Atlantic City, which has been struggling with plunging revenue and increased competition in the saturated northeastern U.S. casino market.

Connecticut’s been “balancing” its books for decades with accounting gimmicks and casino profits. Another year or so, and all we’ll have are the gimmicks.

Thank goodness we have resourceful government accounts here in the Nutmeg State.*


*The Nutmeg State is so named because Connecticut Yankee peddlers were known to work the frontier selling wooden “nutmegs”, and skipping town before angry housewives discovered they’d been had. We continue to earn that sobriquet.

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  1. Anonymous Citizenette

    To each his own, but in my personal experience, gambling brings nothing but misery and destroys families. If some enjoy it and can afford it and control it, bully for them, but it can be a terrible life ruining addiction.