Gobsmacked in Seattle

Who knew?

Who knew?

“Java Juggs” and other topless coffee shops were actually places of prostitution, prosecutors allege.

Snohomish County prosecutors charged Carmela Panico, a 52-year-old former nude dancer who owns several Java Juggs and Twin Peaks espresso stands, with promoting prostitution and money laundering, alleging that she operated drive-thru brothels throughout the county north of Seattle, The Everett Herald reported Thursday.

Her baristas made money mostly on tips, saying they could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, authorities said. The women said they could make up to $14 for baring their breasts or genitals and charged more for sex acts, according to charging documents.


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3 responses to “Gobsmacked in Seattle

  1. anonymous

    Correction: Her baristas made money mostly on tits.

  2. i’m just going to enjoy until we’re boppin’ the sharia way

  3. towny

    Mrs P @Green and Tonic could certainly increase biz