Well I certainly hope that there’s one casualty, and that it dies in Cos Cob



“Juice war” starting in Greenwich.

The town is becoming something of a mini mecca for juice bars that sell a variety of health-focused food and drink. There’s Elixir on East Putnam Avenue and two branches of Green & Tonic — one on Railroad Avenue and one in Cos Cob. Big-chain Robek’s is also a player in Cos Cob. The town is set to get even juicier in a few months, as New York-based Juice Press is slated to open on Greenwich Avenue in November.

Among the owners of these businesses, there’s some concern about competition, but not from everyone. Jeffrey and Cai Pandolfino, owners of Green and Tonic, said even with so many juice bars in relative proximity, they aren’t worried about getting squeezed out by the competition. “Greenwich is a big market,” Jeffrey Pandolfino said. “There’s room for everybody.”

[The] Pandolfinos remain hopefully that their core of customers will stick with them.

“I think this is a great opportunity for everybody,” Jeff Pandolfino said.

Screw ’em. A year or so ago, the Pandolfino’s were advertising for help, and my daughter Sarah stopped in to inquire. Assured by Mrs. Pandolfino that they were indeed still hiring, Sarah filled out an application on the spot, but when Pandolfino saw the name, she demanded, “are you related to that blogger?” “This usually goes one of two ways,” said Sarah, “but yeah, he’s my father.” Only the hydraulic hinge kept the door from hitting Sarah in the butt as Paldofino tossed her out of her store.

I’ll admit to having a little fun with Green & Tonic when I saw Mr. Pandolfino quoted as saying, “food should be like medicine” – that didn’t sound appealing to me, then or now, but visiting the sins of the father on the child is petty, mean and, in the great cosmic world of karma, unwise.



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76 responses to “Well I certainly hope that there’s one casualty, and that it dies in Cos Cob

  1. Jayne

    most of the “green” merchants in Greenwich are mainly concerned with making inexplicable profits from local consumers whom they scare into paying exorbitant profits for a carrot mixed in a blender by a lowly paid border crosser… don’t be conned. Next to the juice bar on the exit from Whole Foods is “The Clean Bedroom” selling $7,000.00 rubber beds to concerned consumers afraid of any mattress that may not be “organic.”

    Much of the “organic” market is a con, and this turkey should go back to Maine, where its owners collect the profits. I strongly suggest you do your research before you endorse any seller of so called “organic..” whatever the product may be.

  2. Anonymous

    ‘eff ’em. we will spread the word about Green & Tonic far and wide.

  3. Anthony Fountain

    Just a guess but I suspect most of your readers are not in the habit of patronizing that institution, which is not to say we shouldn’t all wish it a speedy trip into Chapter 7.

  4. anon

    The store motto is full of shit.

    “Eat mindfully. Grow intentionally. Live passionately. Love abundantly.”


  5. I wonder if Mrs Pandolfino has a remote clue as to how STOOOOOOPID she was to treat Sarah that way. Your readers LOVE your kids and we will let everyone we know in on what a nasty *itch Mrs Pandolfino really is.

    • AJ

      Maybe the Pandolfinos thought your daughter was a spy. Business owners have a lot at stake, and its hard to fault them for getting a little paranoid from time to time.

      I’m all for true capitalism as in free enterprise small business capitalism, so I try to restrain myself from dissing people’s businesses.

      Keep in mind that you live in a town where if someone were to try to sell something at a fair price he or she would be accused of trying to sell crap. I have seen true examples in Greenwich where a person bought something and declared it crap only to buy the exact same item two weeks later at a much inflated price and proclaim it the best.

      Besides nobody is twisting people’s arms and forcing them to drink these plant based greenie shakes. And I do like their motto: it’s the kind of bullshit that today’s young progressives thrive on.

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Aw please….Cai and Jeff are good people and good citizens in this community.
    By the way – when have you ever begrudged someone a profit? Granted, I don’t patronize them as I can make my own juice with my juicer and save 6 bucks but I’m not opposed to what they are about. Pizza Hut makes a massive profit on their crappy pizza – I’d say a cheese pizza is about $1.70 worth of ingredients and they sell it for 12 bucks. That is quite the profit margin there – esp. for some flour, 2 tablespoons of red sauce and a hand full of cheese.
    People obviously wants their products…Green and Tonic AND Pizza Hut. Ah! – the free market at work!

    As for “organic” and “All natural” – no it is not a marketing gimmick if used accurately and yes there is a differential in the terms. People are still educating themselves about them. Something can be “all natural” as long as it is made in nature – eggs, milk, for example or chicken breasts – but it does not mean they are organic if there were pesticides or hormones involved.
    Breyer’s ice cream used to be “all natural” but is now full of additives. Why? – they can’t sell ice cream to the masses at a lower price point with expensive ingredients. Real vanilla is a fortune. Imitation vanilla extract is just that. Imitation. Sophisticated palates know the difference.
    Breyer’s – American tragedy in my opinion. They ruined the brand. It is inedible now.

    But all in all I think all this food awareness is a good thing. People should know where their food come from. What’s in it. How it got there. For too long Americans just accepted the crap at the grocery store and didn’t think about puffed up Wonder bread or nitrates in lunch meat, sausage. I’ve known the meat I’ve eaten – in my fields, up close and personal. Or straight from the sea. Understanding this is to understand survival, food, life.
    Not that I’m opposed to the occassional bag of Cheetos, mind you – but yes, I think all this Mark Bittman, food stuff is important.

    • Anonymous

      I concur Greenwich Gal. The masses are really uneducated when it comes to what they’re shoving down their pie holes. To say that ingredients don’t matter and that nothing “natural” can be grown in nature (that’s outside in a forest to you noobs) is in a word ridiculous.
      Thanks for the heads up on the Breyer’s. I just had some a couple of days ago and was wondering why the consistency was like glue.
      As for the Green & Tonic, it’s clear there are an over abundance of con-men and charlatans in every field – just look at what resides in the White House and in Congress. Buyers beware.

    • anon

      Even Consumer Reports is in the act of pooh-poohing the word natural.

      “SAN FRANCISCO , Two-thirds of Americans think the world “natural” on the label of a packaged or processed food means it contains no artificial ingredients, pesticides or genetically engineered organisms, a survey released this week by the magazine Consumer Reports found.
      When consumers see the word on meat or poultry, 70% think it means no growth hormones were used in the animals feed and 60% think the animals got no antibiotics or other drugs in their feed.
      The problem is, consumers are wrong.
      Under federal labeling rules, the word natural means nothing.”

      • Anonymous

        That’s why the masses are uneducated. Most won’t even take the time to read a label let alone understand what’s on that label. Quoting federal rules, the FDA or any other 3 letter is a waste of time. These are the same organizations that have approved every drug that has killed millions and allow poisoned Chinese food into our country unabated and unlabeled (whether it’s people food in the form of chicken or dog food). I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about what the federal government has to say on the subject of food.

  7. Not hiring Sarah = their loss. That juice is probably the stuff you drink the night before a colonoscopy

  8. “Organic”… “all natural” is bunkum.

    In the town parks we use “organic” lawn care products, which cost twice as much as the regular fertilizers/weed killers, and work half as well…..

    Thus do the taxpayers get separated from their money, while some ignorant enviro-nitwits preen…….

    • Greenwich Gal

      You are truly uninformed, Balzac. I suggest you go to virtually any reputable website and read about the differences between naturally made versus chemical fertilizers. You will actually get a faster result from the chemicals but you risk long term damage.

      • Toonces

        GG – There are about 10 foods that people should buy organic (*if* they can afford it) because it is near impossible to wash or peel the pesticides off. Organic is expensive – not in the reach of 99.9999 % of the world. Regarding the juicing fad: Eating the whole fruit instead of juice, or whole vegetable instead of juice, is healthier. Juicing gets rid of the vast majority of the fiber. I won’t be stopping in at Mrs Pandolfino’s establishment because of this and because of how she treated Sarah.

        • anonymous

          I can’t think of ONE food to buy organic. Please enlighten me of the ten.

        • anonymous

          Who wrote that list? Seriously, POTATOES?

          To each his own, but I’m all for developing an immune system by downing chemicals on my celery and strawberries. Mmm good.

          • Toonces

            Haha, anonymous. I think you may be on to something. I would not be surprised if, a few years down the road, a new study comes out that people who have been eating organic are getting some new disease. It may turn out that pesticides protect us. So, go for it. I am just giving you the list of foods known to have the highest concentration of pesticides.

          • Toonces

            sorry – didn’t answer your question: Dr Andrew Weil wrote the list.

        • anonymous

          Toonces @10:20: Weil is just another phony among phonies. Integrative medicine, just what is that? Now it makes sense why the organic must-buy list is so silly. The ONLY man with a big white beard I trust is Santa Claus.

          • Toonces

            Weil promotes very healthy living. He’s not a fake. He has a medical degree and lots of research to back up his claims that “mediterranean is the best approach” . He thinks meditation is good, breathing etc… nothing too out there or wacky. His list of foods to eat organic is the same as all the other lists. It is just the foods with the most pesticide residue.

          • The “Mediterranean Diet” has been pretty thoroughly debunked, now that it’s been shown that there’s no relationship between fat, cholesterol and heart disease. Dr. Keys, who “discovered” the Mediterranean diet back in the late 40s, deliberately avoided studying the French because of their diet of cheese, foie gras and butter, and spent three weeks in Crete studying what they ate during Lent, a period of time when they eschew most of the good things in life. From that, he extrapolated, and made quite a name for himself.

            Nothing wrong with fish and fresh fruits and vegetables, of course, but the science on diet is not only not settled, it’s in flux. “It’s tobacco, the healthiest thing for you!”

          • Toonces

            Chris, you are correct of course that the science is changing rapidly and nothing is settled. However, there is no doubt in my mind that eating a lower calorie diet (which is the main thing Weil promotes) is better. Fat people do not live as long. How to stay thin has evolved and one can do it with atkins, with low fat – lots of ways to do it. I like the french way the best. Cheese, meat, bread, wine, everything…… in moderation.

          • Well I’ll admit, these two lesbians will probably not live as long as some skinnier types.

          • Toonces

            stop with the photos!! bad enough that I have that motorcyle-grab the boobs photo stuck in my head.

        • anonymous

          Toonces: Weil has a degree alright, a Masters in Shamwow from the School of Oprah, meaning he is a disciple of “let me tell you what to do and how to think.” Look at all of Oprah’s people – Dr. Oz, take this vitamin I endorse and eat kumquats, Dr. Phil, the man is always wrong, Ilyana, I’ll fix your money problems, and Oprah herself, the Queen of Hypocrisy. I wouldn’t trust Weil one second. I half expect bluebirds to fly out of his beard.

          I’m all for self education, making decisions that are right for you and your family. I don’t want to be TOLD that I must buy organic strawberries.If you feel it’s right, then by all means, buy organic. Just don’t insist that it’s good for the world.

          • Toonces

            anonymous, chill. I was not telling you that you must buy organic. I think the jury is still out. I do know that there are higher rates of cancers now – and who knows why? Maybe it is that we eat more sugar now, maybe it is pesticides. I am just telling you the fact that they have measured the pesticides on foods and those foods have the most.

          • Toonces

            PS – anonymous: maybe you are confusing me with Greenwich Gal. I am the one who is against telling the world that organic is best. It is the same thing as telling most of the world to starve. Organic food is far too expensive to farm.

          • Toonces

            and another thing: Shamwow works!! Seriously, it does. MY daughter got one for me. Dr. Oz is a sham for sure. Anonymous, has Weil ever done Oprah? I don’t watch so I don’t know. If he has, he loses my admiration instantly.

        • anonymous

          Toonces: From Weil’s own website:

          “As a columnist for Prevention magazine and a frequent guest on Oprah, Dr. Oz and the Today Show, Dr. Weil provides …”

          ‘Nuf said in my book.

          And really, I should buy the Shamwow?

          • Toonces

            NOOOOOO!!! Say it ain’t so. Thanks anonymous. He drops down, way down, in my book. However his restaurants serve some tasty vegetarian fare. I’d choose BLT steak over them any day, but he makes some yummy veggie dumplings. And yes, indeed – the shamwow is quite wow. Call now and we’ll send you TWO!!!! Just 19.99 and we sell your address to everyone!!

      • AJ

        Those fat girls remind me of the Fabulous 400 Eating Club and the exploding rest room. Awesome.

  9. Anonymous

    I see how that would be hurtful as a father, but they are a local company that employs local workers and keeps their profits / spending locally. I personally wish there were more non chains around, especially in cos cob where I live; granted you hate cos cob ….. (Yes, tongue in cheek) but many of us love it here,

    How is the new lil pub? I will be checking it out tomorrow night

  10. This is Prgress….
    You can choose between ground Nutmeg (grown in CT of course) or Red Cedar dust for the same price as a topping…..

  11. Greenwich Gal is back! Yay! She knows a lot.

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Toonces – Feel free to eat all the pesticides, animal antibiotics and synthetic hormones you can…
    Natural Selection is a bitch….pun intended.

    • Toonces

      Hmm…. GG – not sure where you are coming from doll. I have a degree in nutrition. I eat everything in moderation. I do not think one has to eat all organic to eat healthfully. I think it is great you want to eat all organic, natural, whatever -free range everything. You are free to do so. However it is hogwash to think everyone should/could do it. It is very very costly to live by your rules. The world would starve.
      I’m sure you’re one of those GMO crusaders too. How about DDT? Isn’t it just fab that we got Africa to ban it and so now thousands die there annually from malaria. Hey, better to avoid using a chemical and die, than…. use it and live?

  13. Greenwich Gal

    Also – feel free to eat all that farm raised fish – they’ve been swimming in their own sh** for their entire lives. YUM!

  14. anonymous

    Toonces at 4:58. I stand corrected. Too many he said she said.

    • Toonces

      Thank you anonymous. You are one of my favorite anonymouses (I can tell you all apart haha) and I want to stay in your good graces.

  15. Greenwich Gal

    Just for the record here – I do not eat only organic food!! I eat hot dogs from street vendors as well as Twizzlers at the movies – I’m not so proud that I can’t enjoy some junk food.
    HOWEVER – I do think the most natural food you can ingest the better. Think again – I’m no food Nazi, but I will certainly speak up for the all natural, less chemical way of dining. Americans do eat a great deal of trash food for the richest country in the world. And once you’ve been to a fish farm – well, once you have seen and smelled the truth – you will understand.
    I recently spent a great deal of time in Europe and the food standards are higher there – and you can taste and feel the difference. American food has much more additives and preservatives. Yea – Toonces – it is easier to feed the world with food that is shelf stable longer – and it is better than nothing, for sure – but that doesn’t mean compromises haven’t been made.

    • Toonces

      Thanks for clarifying GG. As for the higher “food standards” in Europe: We do not need more laws telling us what we can and cannot eat. I know that you and I would disagree on GMO as well. I still like you :-). By the way, what did you propose to Walt? Not that it is any of my business, but I am sorry I missed it. I did a search for “boobs” and could not find it.

    • Toonces

      by the way you get A LOT of hits when you search for boobs on this blog.

  16. Greenwich Gal

    As for the GMO debate – I am not against GMO’s. It is the only way to feed the world. After all, corn itself is a genetically modified, “natural” plant. The deal with GMO’s is the – albeit slim -possibility that a corporation owns a patent on a life form which is pretty creepy. I am also concerned with keeping and promoting plant diversity, as this saves species from potential wipeout from blight. But – believe it or not – I am not against GMO’s.
    For those interested in the debate – do read the article in last weeks “New Yorker.” Most scientists are pro GMO’s and they explain why the hysteria is unfounded.

    As for the boobs – yes, they are real and they are magnificent….natural and organic.

    • Toonces

      We agree! I will go check out the New Yorker article. As for your last sentence – I was inquiring about the nature of the proposal you made to Walt. Um, thanks for that description though, I think?

    • Anonymous

      Got it! GMO’s for the little people.

      • Greenwich Gal

        Basically, yes. Unfortunate – but we are a world of haves and have nots – the middle class is shrinking and as the population rises, resources become more scarce. There will not be enough food to feed the world in the coming years. We are already on our way to a two tier education system and a two tier medical system. The best docs don’t take insurance. They don’t have to. Watch the food wards begin. Look at the ladies in Whole Foods with the hormone free milk and the free range veal chops and organic arugula and artisanal bread. It is a far cry from your average American store in – oh to be incendiary, let’s say Ferguson, Missouri.

  17. Greenwich Gal

    Walt and I have a special friendship. He is a laugh riot (even though he can’t spell) and my fantasy is that he is a sexy, forty something hedge fund wiz who looks like Mark Ruffalo and writes on this blog to pass the time while he watches the markets. My fear is he’s actually some old geezer sitting around in his saggy boxers stalking young girls on the internet. Say it ain’t so, Walt!

    • Toonces

      Agreed – he’s a laugh riot. My fantasies are way less fun. I dream about some of the people on this blog replacing the Bozos in Washington. Walt/Fountain pres and vice or vice versa. Cobra, Publius , Peg, Housecat and a few others in prominent positions. AJ would be in charge of illegal aliens. America and the world would be much better off. I’d consider nominating you for the department of agriculture if you’d swear against additional regulatory measures.