Not every hedge fundy is this arrogant, but put delicately, this one’s behavior is not particularly shocking

hedge fund zoom-zoom

hedge fund zoom-zoom

SAC portfolio manager Paul Orwitz arrested for reckless driving and doing other rude things.

Paul C. Orwicz, 46, of 1483 Ponus Ridge Road, New Canaan, was arrested Aug. 28 on charges of reckless driving, improper passing and disobeying officer signal.

A police officer driving an unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe on Wahackme Road at about 9 p.m. looked at his rearview mirror and saw a yellow McLaren following him very closely, according to police.

As the officer continued driving at the posted 30-mph speed limit, he noticed Orwicz driving over the double yellow line and eventually passing the police vehicle, the report stated.

The officer activated his lights and stopped the car near Bayberry Road, police said. The officer then radioed the plate number to police and right before leaving the vehicle to speak to the operator, Orwicz took off at a high rate of speed toward Weed Street, according to the report.

Paul Orwicz Race Team

Paul Orwicz McLaren Race Team

Since police had the suspect’s information, the officer did not chase Orwicz but instead headed to his Ponus Ridge Road home along with officers, police said.

As he was taken into custody, Orwicz said “taking off was a stupid decision” but he said he “didn’t understand why the officers were at his house because he didn’t kill anyone or damage any property,” according to the report.

He was released on a $1,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court date Sept. 8.

Mr. Orwitz tried his hand at running his own hedge fund back in 2010, but returned to Mothership Cohen less than a year later when his trading strategies flopped. Perhaps that disappointment soured his mood.


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22 responses to “Not every hedge fundy is this arrogant, but put delicately, this one’s behavior is not particularly shocking

  1. towny

    good thing the car wasn’t stolen

  2. anonamoo

    I’m going to continue my oppositional defiant disorder streak and go with Orwicz on this one. What’s a fellow to do with a great car on roads with a 30mph speed limit and some dumbass is actually doing the speed limit in front of you? You get on their tail and you freaking speed by, even if you find out later its a cop. Cops gotta get over themselves and deal with crime, not fun. As Paul said, he didn’t kill anyone.

    Surely GPD has let a McLaren or two slide in Greenwich, right?

    • Tell you what: if I had my money invested with someone stupid enough to, having been stopped and his license plate recorded, flee the police and then be surprised when they showed up at his home, I’d move my money.

    • GPD Folk

      and a Porsche or two as well…and even some poor guy driving a 20 year old Buick…as long as you weren’t a danger to other motorists I could sometimes see the need for speed! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    What “rude” things? Seems like a driving driving violation.

    • Fleeing a police officer and then arrogantly demanding to know why he was being arrested at his home strikes me as rude, as in totally self-absorbed. Call it what you like.

      • Anonymous

        Thought you were confusing him with the New Canaan nude sunbather. Clearly a lot of bad folks in New Canaan.

  4. Publius

    Funny that, you can work at a hedge fund and do reckless, stupid and rude things and collect 2 and 40 (I think SAC used to clip 40% not the more plebian 20%) and when you get behind the wheel you go to jail. Gosh, you can almost make the case that it should be the other way around, no?

  5. don’t try any of that rude driving stuff in Russia:

    • pulled up in OG

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  6. Anonymous

    he sounds like a real d-bag.

    would’ve loved to brake check that mclaren in my large diesel work truck, just for laughs.

  7. AJ

    You’d think that a million dollar car would at least come with a cop detector in it. WTF.

  8. housecat

    I think the choice in paint color is the most disturbing thing about this. Perhaps it was meant to coordinate with the heavy gold chains ’round his neck?

  9. The New Normal

    interestingly he is no longer employed by Mr. Cohen