But I have so many other ways to waste my time

Send in the clowns

Send in the clowns

Greenwich’s state representatives will be at the Glory Hole Diner Monday, September 29, from 8-9 AM to discuss your concerns. Unless the coffee’s free, I don’t see much purpose in attending. Walko’s a lame duck, although we knew that, Camillo’s sole concern is the kindly treatment of German Shepherds and argyle sweaters, Franz and Floren are anti-gun, and all are totally powerless, ineffectual and irrelevant in a capitol run by and for Democrats. They serve, intentionally or not, as bi-partisan beards for the Democrats as they plunder our town. No need to encourage them or lend them legitimacy.


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11 responses to “But I have so many other ways to waste my time

  1. AJ

    Bi-partisan beards for the Democrats? Hmmm.

  2. housecat

    I’ll go if they throw in a free gyros. (I might settle for a BLT, though they tend to put in the entire rasher of bacon.)

    • AJ

      At the IHOP they throw in four rashers of bacon with your flap jacks, an IHOP rasher being one slice.

      Gary Bauer shows us how to flip cakes:

  3. anon

    Maybe someone can ask our state reps what they think of Common Core?

  4. As usual we are setting the standard by which the State is ruled.
    A true bi-partisan effort not just Demogods or R.I.N.O.S….W.H.I.N.E.O.S.
    Well Hell In New England Only Socialism is the norm. The very acerage that created the Revolution is now only another item of regulation.
    Let’s raise the standard by effective whining…not just wineing….
    WHINE to win…..Well Hell Its New England!…take on all the O.Ss. not just our own….look who represents us in D.C.

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    The Glory Hole Diner? THE GLORY HOLE DINER!! What is it next door to? The But Sex Inn? We can’t get a decent rub and tug in this town, but we have a Glory Hole Diner? No wonder dirt prices are down. What is the Daily Special? Tossed salad?

    What’s the worst part of working in The Glory Whole Diner? You only get paid in tips!!

    Your Pal,

    • I was referring to the maritime meaning, as in, “On passenger liners, the stewards’ quarters were known as being upleasant, bug riddled, places, “No place can be so utterly devoid of ‘glory,’ of comfort and privacy and so wretched a human habitation as the usual ship’s glory hole”

      On the other hand, I understand the term can have a different meaning.

  6. Mickster

    You’re a little off with your caption – WE are the clowns – we elected these morons!

  7. Jenny walker

    Camillo is definitely more concerned with animals rights instead of human rights. His ground breaking and far reaching legislation outlawing the euthanasia of family pets will have a positive effect on Greenwich residents for decades to come. Camillo’s absolutely brilliant law insuring untrained volunteer firemen who don a “Fire police” inscribed windbreaker can abuse and violate the rights of every day citizens, can’t be ignored.
    Camillo is a gift to Greenwich.

  8. towny

    nice pic. Is that von k’s evil twin?

  9. Anonymous

    The Harlem Globetrotters needed the Washington Generals to complete their show.

    Connecticut Dems need Connecticut Repubs to complete their show. CT Repubs play their part pretty darn well. Give credit where it’s due.