Say bye ku to Shemin Nurseries

Their 23 acres, now with four approved lots and infrastructure to support them installed, is for sale for $8.495 million. I’m a little surprised that Shemin’s is pulling the plug on this project because they spent years getting it through P&Z. You can buy one of the lots singly, but if I were interested in a single residence way over here, I’d take a run at 30 Sherwood around the corner, 7 1/2 acres, renovated house, pool and guest cottage, asking $2.5 million. The owners bought it from Elie Weisel in 2004 for $2.4 million, renovated it (not all of which was an improvement, to my taste) and put it back up for sale at $3.850 some years ago.

I’ll bet you’d get a serious response to a bid of $1.85.

0 Sherwood Avenue

0 Sherwood Avenue


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2 responses to “Say bye ku to Shemin Nurseries

  1. did the math
    our future looks bleak
    take the money and run