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2 Cowdray - 11 Hurlingham, Conyers Farm

2 Cowdray – 11 Hurlingham, Conyers Farm

2 Cowdray Park Drive (or 11 Hurlingham, your choice) once owned by former Conyers Farm resident Corey Kupersmith and now in the possession of People’s United Bank, sold for $8.9 million in 1999 and is on the broker open house tour today for $5.8. Some of Kupersmith’s history was reported here last year, but my favorite true story of the man, and his character, can be found in this 2005 law suit*  he brought against Wingfoot Golf Club  for rejecting his application for membership. No one I know, including his former business partners and the residents of Martha Vineyard, where he tried to develop a huge tract of land,** will miss him.

In any event, it looks to me that the bank is out $4.6 million on this loan – I might try $3.9 as an opening bid and see where it gets you. Thirteen acres, even if the house is now obsolete, so it must be worth something.

*The case, dismissed in its entirety, sets forth these delightful observations of Kupersmith’s behavior and character by members opposing his admission:

The remaining nine letters sent to the Admissions Committee in March, 2004, aver in pertinent part as follows:

Fitzgerald writes that plaintiff has a reputation being ill mannered, self-centered, overbearing and obnoxious, little

regard for the rules of golf….., and not in the category of a gentleman of honor, integrity and good character.

Marcato writes that plaintiff’s rude and overbearing behavior at Jupiter Hills Golf Club in Florida…. the behavior of Mr. Kupersmith is totally inconsistent with that of a Winged Foot member.

Wullschleger writes that plaintiff’s aggressive and self-centered behavior does not qualify him for membership in Winged Foot.

Graham’s letter recites plaintiff’s brash behavior, total lack of respect for rules of golf, self absorption, lack of respect for others, no qualities of integrity, character and respect for the game of golf.

Queally’s letter describes plaintiff as abrasive and self-serving bordering on boorish, selfish, and lacking social grace, concluding that admitting plaintiff to the club would do a disservice to the membership.

McDonald writes that his significant personal experiences with plaintiff were all bad and revealed plaintiff’s divisive attitude, condescending tone, and arrogant, often pompous attitude; plaintiff’s membership in the club would be a disservice.

Queally, Jr. writes that plaintiff has blatant disregard for the etiquette of the game and of his playing companions describing plaintiff as the single rudest person he ever played golf with, noting plaintiff’s enormous pre-occupation with his business success and the arrogant, boorish, self absorbed behavior he continuously displays.


(What's left of) Kupersmith Martha's Vineyard development

(What’s left of) Kupersmith Martha’s Vineyard development


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30 responses to “What I just said

  1. TraderVic

    It looks pretty good, the updates wouldn’t be that significant. Is there a catch (i.e., is it in NY state)?

    • Greenwich, so far as I know. No catch, but the bank is apparently looking to get its money back and some of its costs of collection. Banks don’t like being in the home owning business if they can help it.

  2. as others have commented, that big-ass cell tower is hard to decorate during the holidays:


  3. Upperwestsider

    Dude, at least one would have wonderful reception up there unlike other parts of Back Country

  4. Stanwich

    Wow, I’m no apologist for wealthy jerks like this but the placement of that tower is just egregious. I assume it wasn’t there when he purchased the house, this must have just destroyed value. I’m surprised a well to do guy like this couldn’t block its placement.

  5. Maybe he sued the phone company, as he did Winged Foot, and this was their response.

  6. TraderVic

    Thanks everyone. Yes, that tower would qualify as a catch.

  7. 9 letters against not so good @ Winged Foot.
    I hear you need 6 letters, all from members in “good standing”
    And that’s just the starting point.

    • Publius

      I wonder if they kicked the member(s) out of the club who invited this guy to play and join. Bad judgement

      ” A sand wedge?”
      ” No, I would use a 1 iron”

  8. Don’t forget the mess across the street as an equally painful eye and ear-sore.
    5+ years of moving dirt around at the corner of Cowdray & Hurlingham.
    Total mess.

  9. Anonymous

    Another Kupersmith wreck is Cheytac. Great product, good designer, then Kupersmith showed up to wreck the biz.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Wow. I’ve never had the “pleasure” if actually meeting this man – but all I’ve heard about him for years is what an awful, miserable human being he is! That is something is this town. What is he doing now? Anyone know?

  11. AJ

    Waddaya mean, they don’t want him as a member of the club?

  12. AAnon

    Cell Tower in your front yard, tough sell!

    • I think that’s the backyard, if it makes a difference. Probably not, but here’s a feature I noticed while driving along Upper Cross Road: you can see that tower from a loooong way away, making it a great landmark for guests without GPS.

  13. towny

    Is Conyers Farm overrated? Most of the homes are in NY or situated near the polo fields- that are always rented out for some event. Seems the only good areas on the CT side are on the end of Huriiham . Or on the Lake Ave side, which isn’t in Conyers Farm proper.