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Off to Maine

Heading up to Maine this morning to stay with John and his sister Sarah. Last I heard, Maine has internet access, so I’ll blog from there. With luck, I’ll be able to post  picture of John catching a 40″ striped bass from shore, an event that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Rhode Island’s a better lace to accomplish that, but in this case, I’ll follow the fisherman, not the fish.



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No he isn’t

You ain't going nowhere

You ain’t going nowhere

“Eccentric millionaire is selling his castle for $45 million”, reads the headline in the Daily Mail, but that’s the asking price , not what someone else values it at.

The castle in question, three-years-old,  is in Woodstock, CT, one of the prettiest areas of our state but also one of the slowest real estate markets:  the Northeast corner, or, as pilots affectionately refer to it because there are no lights below,”the dark hole”.  35,000 square feet, it does include 75 acres, but land is cheap up there, hours from nowhere.

As David Ogilvy could have told the headline writer, asking isn’t selling. Then again, if the idea was to get free press coverage, David would probably sue the owner for patent infringement.

Prediction? $4.5 million, in six years.


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