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Nylon real estate news

(small) circus tent

(small) circus tent

Amazon’s got a one-day, half-price sale on this Coleman “8 person” tent, $99, including (Prime) shipping. I’m in the post-child, pre-grandchild camping stage, so I have no immediate use for a tent like this, but when I did, I remember how great a big tent is for family car camping. Obviously not a size for backpacking, and you should know that in tent terminology, an “8 person” tent is more like, two adults, a couple of kids or three and a dog, but with that in mind, this looks like an excellent deal.

Excellent reviews, too.

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Apropos of nothing, except that it’s amusing


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But they’ll tell you what the precise temperature will be on September 21, 2040

Storm, Gale

Storm, Gale

Friday’s weather prediction for today:

  • Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 79. South wind 5 to 8 mph.

My observations: 12:15 PM, 73• and drizzling.


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Global warming on Stanwich Road?

So says the Greenwich Time, which calls Stanwich “this summer’s hottest street” because five houses sold along its length since June, more sales than on any other road in Greenwich.  While the number is accurate, there’s enough left out to make the story about as accurate as Al Gore’s hockey stick graphs.

[O] ne street in town had a busier summer than the rest: Between June 21 and the final week of fall, more single-family homes sold on Stanwich Road than any other stretch of street in town, an analysis of town documents shows.

“It’s a great street,” Jean Ruggiero, an agent with Douglas Elliman, said as she sat on the patio at 279 Stanwich Road, which she’s representing. The 4,030-square-foot home is on the market for $3.5 million, and while it has four bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths to accommodate a large family, Ruggiero said it’s the private oasis out back, complete with an in-ground pool, that charms visitors most.

Let’s step behind the velvet rope and check out those sales, shall we?

Of the five sales, one, 179 ($1.575 million) did indeed sell quickly, albeit at a fairly low price. Another, 176 Stanwich, sold for $2.71 million in a deal brokered by two agents privately without the property ever being publicly listed, so we’ll never know whether that was the market price or not.

The other three have interesting sales histories that add a more complete picture than the one provided by our local real estate advertising vehicle, Greenwich Time. In fact, it seems more likely that price reductions, rather than a sudden surge in interest in Stanwich, is responsible for these sales.

346 Stanwich

346 Stanwich

346 Stanwich sold for $2.505 million, after being listed for $3.8 million. Total days on market: 597

340 Stanwich

340 Stanwich

340 Stanwich sold for $2.995, after originally being listed at $4.295 in 2007 and then at various prices since, ranging from $4.295 to $3.595. It sold in 2004 for $3.495 million.

Total days on market: 457

200 Stanwich

200 Stanwich

200 Stanwich Road sold for $6.285 million, a large, but entirely reasonable price for a terrific house. The owners tried to get $6.495 for it in 2007, the height of the market, but were unsuccessful. They tried again in 2010 (after approximately $1 million in renovations were performed) at, first, $7.895 and eventually dropping in 2011 to $6.995, and then brought it back on the market in April, 2013, at that same $6.995. 454 days later, it sold for $6.285. Total time actively on the market: 1,587 days.

279 Stanwich Rd

279 Stanwich Rd

As for 279 Stanwich, the house listed by Jean Ruggerio and used by Greenwich Time to illustrate the “hot” market on Stanwich, while Jean’s got it listed for $3.495 million, she’s at least its third broker: the house has been for sale since 2010, starting at $4.250 and dropping slowly, but steadily ever since. Total time on market, so far: 1,517.

It’s a testament to Jean’s marketing skills that she persuaded the paper to run this puff piece of an article, but it doesn’t say much for Greenwich Time’s independent reporting. Stanwich Road is a great street, but you could duplicate its recent flurry of sales activity on almost any other street in town merely by persuading owners of homes listed for sale to drop their prices to a reasonable level.


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What kind of example does this set for our children?

Relax, Mom, that's a kalecicle!

Relax, Mom, that’s a kalesicle!

B.O.E., Dundee PTA flout the spirit of federal and state law, hold ice cream social fund raiser.

They’ll be dispensing bottles of hydrogen peroxide next.


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But he can’t be a racist homophobe, he’s a Democrat!

Celebrating diversity: Democratic Klaven, NJ

Celebrating diversity: Democratic  Party klavern, NJ

Democratic pol drops out of race after disclosure that he mooned restaurant patrons, called them N…s and in a return visit a year later, called a pair of women diners “dykes”.

In 2007, police went to the Sherbans Diner to investigate a report that several men were acting disorderly — one of the men had allegedly mooned a woman and her daughter, and used a sexist epithet to describe them. The officer arrived to find Sorrentino with his pants down, yelling the N-word through the diner window, according to the police report.

But that wasn’t the end of Sorrentino’s troubles at the Sherbans Diner. Six years ago, in 2008, a different police officer went out again to the same eatery for a report of disorderly customers.

The officer found Sorrentino and his brother, Anthony, in a confrontation with two women. The women said the Sorrentinos were drunk and had called them an epithet for lesbians. The Sorrentinos also threatened to strike them, one of the women said.

Sorrentino is a member of the South Plainfield Board of Education and a special education teacher.

The election for borough council is Nov. 4. South Plainfield is a borough of about 24,000 in northern Middlesex County. Sorrentino was running on a Democratic ticket with mayoral candidate Chrissy Buteas and council candidate Joe Lambert.

They are challenging Republican Mayor Matt Anesh and incumbent council members Alex Barletta and Derryck White.

Buteas and Lambert, the remaining Democratic candidates, issued a joint statement saying: “What’s most disappointing is that the Republicans will stoop so low as to seek to personally destroy (Sorrentino) for something that happened years ago and for which he has not only apologized for his words, but also his actions.”

Dollar Bill, call your office.


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I’ll be boycotting TD Bank

Seen (by brother Anthony) at TD Bank, Riverside Riverdale.


TD Bank


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This will stop terrorist bombers as successfully as our gun laws prevent murders

And the government

Her hairdresser, and the government

EU requires registration, license to buy hydrogen peroxide.  Bottle Blondes weep.

Peroxide blondes must now apply for photographic ID to buy the strongest hair bleach, under little-noticed new European anti-terror rules.

Model car buffs are also hit, as chemicals they use for fuel are controlled under the new scheme, run by the Home Office.

Anyone wishing to buy such materials must pay £40 for a three-year licence, or face two years’ jail. Shopkeepers can also be imprisoned if they do not check papers.

Applicants will face a criminal record check and scrutiny of medical records for signs of mental health problems as well as questions about why they want the chemicals.

Josie Appleton, of pressure group The Manifesto Club, said: ‘This is treating everybody like terrorists. Surely terrorists would be innovative enough to buy their explosives elsewhere? Innocent hobbyists will suffer.’

Muslim extremists behind the 7/7 terror attacks on London in 2005 used bombs made with hydrogen peroxide from hair dye. The attacks left 52 people dead and more than 700 injured.

Next: mandatory licenses to purchase shoes, underwear.


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