Cos Cob contract reported

15 Lia Fail Way

15 Lia Fail Way

15 Lia Fail Way, asking $2.295 million. While (the exterior of) this house isn’t to my taste, the street itself is a beautiful little enclave off Valley Road and is in fact my favorite neighborhood  in Cos Cob. Certainly there’s no other neighborhood with its own marble amphitheater.

The listing describes the house as a “classic Colonial”. Give that agent a prize.


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21 responses to “Cos Cob contract reported

  1. Fred2

    Classic Colonial – uhm. ok

    I think we should run a competition out “what style is this house”, judged by our host (Whom I have very wickedly volunteered):

    1. Most Accurate
    2. Cruel but funny
    3. Bland Real estate description likely to offend no one and give no information to buyer.

    Here’s my stab at category 1:
    American Generic

  2. anon

    The road name says it all. Lia FAILED!!

    • Well, the name involves the Irish, so of course failure’s involved, but I believe there was some heroism mixed in as well.

      • anon

        I KNOW what the Lia Fail stone is (not to be confused with scones) but no matter its history, its symbolism, its heroism, no street in Greenwich should be so named. It’s blarney I tell ya.

  3. Mickster

    For some ignorance is bliss obviouslyáil

  4. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    I saw this house; its perfectly fine … but the property is amazing. You feel like you are in back country …. even though you are almost in town.

  5. Anonymous

    I grew up on Westover Road in Stamford and my mother, who was very active (along with my father) in the local AA group, befriended many people. One of the more glamorous of these people was Barbara O’Neil, the actress whose claim to fame was being briefly married to the director Joshua Logan and also having played the part of Scarlett O’Hara’s mother in “Gone With the Wind.” The O’Neil family were the original “settlers” of Lia Fail, and I have a wonderful memory of visiting Barbara there one afternoon and hearing her recite poetry in the open-air marble amphitheater. It is still a very special place, leprechauns or no leprechauns! Greenwich Old Timer

    • Anonymous

      Anon, the Gone With the Wind movie supported many generations of folks, that’s for sure. Untold amounts of money it has generated (and still does), amazingly.

    • EOSredux

      Great story Old Timer. O’Neil was a superb character actress, one who adeptly changed her look with each picture such that her name was not as famous as her roles, the ultimate compliment in my book. My favorite role by her was just on TCM, as Duchesse de Praslin, in All This, and Heaven Too. Bette Davis. Charles Boyer. O’Neil played quite the villain.

      • Walt

        Dude –

        Did you know Superman was in GWTW? With red hair!! I am pretty certain this was before he killed himself by jumping out of a window to see if he could really fly. And if he played Superman in GWTW, the South may have actually won the war!! Did you ever think of that? IT FREAKS ME OUT!!

        It was a great movie, but I think John Wayne was miscast as Brett Butler. And did you know John Waynes real name was Marrion Barry Morrison, and he is the father of Jim Morrison? Who he didn’t like, and referred to as “The Door”. As in “dumb as a door”. And also the future mayor of DC, who he also disowned, and who then went by the name of Marrion Barry?

        And he LOVED the little senorita wetbacks, John, not Marrion, although I am quite sure Marrion banged a few PR’s on the way. But John married three of them I believe. Now that is a lot of tacos!!

        Your Pal,

  6. Mid Counytry D

    Its does not look not offensive, but it does look like every other generic house being put up in Greenwich these days. It has a great layout with a separate in-law/guest space detached from the main residence. Throw in the pool, the yard, the privacy and its a mini estate close to town – what more could you ask for?! If I was in the market for a place in Greenwich now, this would have been at the top of my list.

    Also, it is pronounced Fall. If the town is going to allow the Gaelic spelling, we should add a few others to be politically correct: Лия провал, 利亚失败, ਲੀਆਹ ਫੇਲ ਹੋ, and of course خريف.

    • I was amused by the term “staff quarters”, is all. Reminds me of poor mother who, as the child of Hollywood stars back in the 30s grew up with “staff”. Years later, as a mother of five, we had a nice house in Riverside with a buzzer under the dining room table but, as my mother lamented, she could have stepped on it all evening and the only “staff” that would appear would be her.
      Times changed.

  7. sam

    You need a lot of kids for this place. Lots of rooms to maintain, heat/cool/ etc. Nice house. Nice street. What elementary and middle schools?

  8. Anonymous

    Looks a lot llike 81 Sawmill that just went into contract. Similarly priced too, which appears wrong as Sawmill is a far better location…

    • Cos Cobber

      The weakness in the Sawmill price just speaks to the weakness in mid country for sub $3MM homes. Its not everyone’s cup of tea to spend $2MM and have the worst house on the street….because now you need to rebuild it to match the Jones. Some would rather land in the middle – keep it even. $2MM for a house this close to town is pretty much on par with this area of Valley road.

    • Mid Country Diva

      Sawmill used to be a better location, but not anymore. Its clear the demand is closer to town. While mid country (where I live) is not as bad as back country, Sawmill compared to Lia Fail is still 6 times further away from Putnam, 6x longer to get milk, 6x longer to get to a bar, 6x further from civilization! While I like the Sawmill house, I’d be willing to pay much more for Lia Fail. One major upside for Sawmill is North Street School.