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Hell, that’s every month!

I wanna touch your ...soul

I wanna touch your …soul

Al Sharpton declares October “National Breast Awareness Month”


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Well we knew this was coming

Selectmen approve Cos Cob synagogue. The neighbors did manage to reduce its size quite a bit, but some still aren’t satisfied. There’s just no pleasing some people.

Orchard Street Synagogue, Cos Cob(as proposed)

Orchard Street Synagogue, Cos Cob (as approved)


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Heck of a job, Brownie

Over at Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds is worried about how authorities are handling the Texan Ebola situation.

OCTOBER 2, 2014

UM, CALL ME CRAZY, BUT cleaning up Ebola vomit with a pressure washer seems like a lousy idea, with droplets blown into air and such. Note the absence of protective gear. Note woman in sandals standing next to runoff. Maybe they’d hosed everything down with bleach first. Somebody please tell me this isn’t as bad as it looks. . . .

Best comment: “What should have been done was to tell the authorities someone dropped a fluorescent bulb on the property. Maybe then a hazmat team would have been dispatched promptly…”

FEMA wash down

FEMA wash down


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September activity, per Greenwich Multiple Listing Service


Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 5.51.44 PM


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Running scared

It's been a wonderful surprise, Mr. Vice President, and we're just delighted you dropped in; now if I can just show you the rear door ....

It’s been a wonderful surprise, Mr. Vice President, and we’re just delighted you dropped in; now if I can just show you the rear door ….

Governor Malloy will be moose hunting in Saskatchewan while Barry O visits Greenwich for a tribute-gathering audience with the 1%.

“This was a long-scheduled trip for the governor,” Greenwich Democrat Francis Fudrucker told FWIW, “and certainly it has nothing at all to do with the gov’s approval rating falling to an all-time-low after Joe Biden came in to campaign for him.

“If there’s anything to this decision besides the governor’s almost incredible obsession for succulent moose ribs, it’s – maybe, and we’re not saying there’s a real problem here – the rumor that Ebola-carrying mosquitos have been detected on Conyers Lake.

“But really – otherwise, he’d be here.”


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As I was just saying about the mid-range homes …

28 Sawmill Lane

28 Sawmill Lane

28 Sawmill Lane has cut its price from $2.695 to $2.495 million. When it was listed back in 2003 at $2.450 a bidding war erupted, and these owners emerged “victorious” with a bid of $2.650.

Most top-bidders in these contests lose out in the long run, in my experience. In any event, clearly no such demand is present now.


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New construction sale

21 Hope Farm Rd

21 Hope Farm Rd

21 Hope Farm Road, still under construction, reports a contract. Asking price, $7.840 million. This is a fine, two-acre parcel that sold in no time when it was listed for $1.995 in 2013. This builder had ready money available, and he closed in ten days, for $1.875.

I’ll check the statistics when I return from open houses today, but my impression is that the $5 million-plus range is booming these days, in contrast the the compete dormancy it experienced in 2010-2012. On the other hand, the $2-$3.5 range seems dead. That’s just my impression, though; I’ll check the numbers to see what’s actually going on.


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