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Especially the Constitution

Bring the Boyz to the hood

Bringing the Boyz to the hood

Obama to illegal alien activists: “No force on earth can stop us!”

“The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number,” said Obama “Si se puede, si votamos!”

Which, I am told, is Spanish for “vote early and often”.


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Back lot sale on North Street

30 North Street, new construction, never on MLS. Builder paid $1.250 for its .7 acre in 2013, selling this for $4.850, 4,500 sq. ft., so nice deal for him.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.12.43 PM


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Our government at work

Family of Ebola victim is locked up – armed guards – in apartment filled with his contaminated bedsheets and linens because the government doesn’t have  technicians to decontaminate the place.

I get the quarantine, but they’re basically imposing a potential death sentence on this family while they “await developments”.



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Francisco d’Anconia strikes again

Screw You

Screw You

Readers familiar with Atlas Shrugged may remember Francisco d’Anconia, scion of d”Anconia Copper, and his phony mine in Mexico, which was nationalized by the government and discovered to have been a deliberate fraud. The Mexican government collapses.

With the exception of a lack of moral purpose, the story of the Bre-X gold mines in Indonesia is the same tale retold. A fraudster salts ore samples with gold flaked from his wedding ring, announces a huge find and gullible investors rush in. The fun part of the story is that the Indonesian government, seeing the wealth, immediately nationalizes the operation only to find – surprise! – there’s no gold.



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