Dollar Bill and his contemporaries’ approach to everything

Welcome to Newark; lease enjoy your stay, and if there's anything we can do to make tour visit more pleasant, please ask your flight attendant

Welcome to Newark; enjoy your stay, and if there’s anything we can do to make your visit more pleasant, please just ask your flight attendant

There are proposals floating about calling for the quarantine of all travelers coming in from African countries where Ebola is raging. That could be a good idea or a bad one, but NY Times readers can only discuss it in terms of racism. It’s the same treatment they accord every issue: social security, national defense, global warming, you name it, the DBs of the world frame everything within a politically correct world.

So they are incapable of discussing, intelligently, how to respond to incidents like today’s where yet another Liberian landed, this time in Newark, vomiting, coughing and with a fever. And of course, for the same reason, Obama can’t deal with it either.


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10 responses to “Dollar Bill and his contemporaries’ approach to everything

  1. Al Dente

    This is obviously Bush’s fault.

    I know Bush has been to Africa after he left office, working to fight the spread of AIDS and raised a ton of money for the same cause. I wonder how many times Barack E. Bola will visit his home continent after he leaves office. My bet is zeeeeeeeero.

  2. greenwich dude

    someone explain how we move heaven and earth to lash out at ISIL, and we are all still taking our goddamned shoes off and laptops out to go from white plains to orlando, but we can’t just stop people coming from liberia from boarding US bound planes?

    • Anonymous

      Obama tipped off ISIL to the air raids. They had minimal effect; it was all for show.
      He had a hissy fit during a Pentagon briefing when ISIL was called Islamic; you heard him during his speech saying ISIL was not Islamic.

  3. when liberals disagree, the loudest wins:

  4. AJ

    So where’s Homeland Security on all of this? I mean, they’ll even come to your house and seize your car if it doesn’t meet emission standards.

    ‘Feds raid N.C. home to seize Land Rover in EPA emission-control crackdown’

    “When it comes to environmental regulation compliance, the Department of Homeland Security isn’t playing — as evidenced by a recent federal raid of a North Carolinian’s home to confiscate a Land Rover that violated EPA emission rules.

    Jennifer Brinkley said she saw a line of law enforcement vehicles approaching her home and wondered what was wrong, the local WBTV reported. Homeland Security agents then went to her 1985 Land Rover Defender and lifted the hood.

    “They popped up the hood and looked at the Vehicle Identification Number and compared it with a piece of paper and then took the car with them,” she said, WBTV reported.

    She told Fox News that she was told the agents seized the vehicle because they thought it violated the Clean Air Act — though at the time, they weren’t completely sure. She also said her vehicle was just one of 40 that feds seized in various locations that same day for the same reason.

    Ms. Brinkley told Fox News that she has no idea where the vehicle is now and that feds won’t tell her. . . .”

  5. AJ

    Bending the news to fit the narrative —

    “To begin, consider that people like Dr. Sanjay Gupta keep saying that the Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan had “told the nurse” who attended to him upon his first arrival at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Room that he had “traveled “to” Africa.”

    That’s certainly a very odd thing for a Liberian national, having just arrived from Monrovia, Liberia to the United States for the very first time in his life, to have supposedly said, is it not? Of course, it fits the CDC Checklist used prior to, and including, Duncan’s case, so that must have been exactly what Duncan said, right Sanjay?

    Duncan’s status as a Monrovian Liberian national has not exactly been blasted across the MSM news; in fact, the MSM news for the most part has been adhering studiously to the asinine “traveled to Africa” view even though it is grossly misleading.

    So why adhere to the view? The chief contention of this article is that we might be observing the unfolding of a “process conspiracy” pertaining to Ebola and the highly contentious immigration issue. The phrase “process conspiracy” is operationalized here as a conspiracy rooted in a policy or policies consciously designed to shape practice in ways such that the output exacerbates the very problems the policy/policies was (were), on the surface, designed to contend with.

    The specific object of the Globalist Ebola process conspiracy is here theorized to involve diminishing the linkage, in public consciousness, of Ebola with nationality status. Globalists have huge immigration plans for the U.S., and they do not want Ebola (or any other infectious disease, for that matter) getting in the way of those plans. That is why their Ebola policy protocols—as absurd as they are (discussed shortly)— read the way they do, that is why we have been exposed to a cloud of lies emanating from Dallas and dispersed through the MSM, and that is why Duncan was discharged with antibiotics soon after his first visit to the Emergency Room of Texas Presbyterian. . . .”

  6. Fox

    If Obama wants to make impeachment a certainty he can just sit back and let his administration’s milquetoast response to Ebola in America continue to the point where the infection spreads and Americans die. Our lives now depend on Obama and the Democrats winning a political gamble. What a way to run a railroad….

    • Peg

      Someone told me Michele Obama was campaigning by telling people that if they didn’t elect more Democrats, impeachment might be in the offing. I responded to my friend that right now, I bet some DEMOCRATS might not be too disappointed if he were no longer in office!