Same propaganda, new mission

While searching for a suitable picture to illustrate the post below, I stumbled across old posters from war propaganda campaigns. Looking at the posters for the public, it occurred to me that the exact objectives: local produce, no sugar, no beef, and eat your vegetables are in vogue today, only this time the global enemy is global warming, not the Hun.

But it’s really about, and always has been, controlling the unruly masses. The difference, though, is back then there was scarcity, and the government used it as a tool to manipulate and distribute as it saw fit; today’s crew wants to create scarcity, so they can manipulate and distribute it as they see fit.

“We’ll make them all beggars ’cause they’re easy to please.”

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It's your patriotic duty, damn it!

It’s your patriotic duty, damn it!




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5 responses to “Same propaganda, new mission

  1. the greatest challenge for the future crew is creating a scarcity of unruly masses before the unruly masses create a scarcity of them

  2. “Don’t keep more servants than you need”. I’ll bet that went over well in the back country.

  3. Babylon Sister

    I disagree.

    WWII war rationing and environmentalist totalitarianism are two very different things. Perhaps some parallels in means… But two diametrically opposed endtstates.

    As David Horowitz, former radical, has said (I’m paraphrasing)… Environmentalism is like a watermelon — green on the outside, and red on the inside.