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Alternative energy’s Achille’s heel, writ small

But still not small enough for pea brains to comprehend.

Solar powered pump runs out of juice, inflatable “coal plant” collapses, along with idiots’ protest. (h/t Linda from Poughkeepsie)


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This won’t help in recruiting

nurseSixteen staff at Doctors Without Borders infected with Ebola, nine dead.

Speaking at a press conference in Johannesburg Tuesday, the head of Doctors Without Borders in South Africa Sharon Ekambaram said medical workers have received inadequate assistance from the international community.

“Where is WHO Africa? Where is the African Union?” said Ekambaram who worked in Sierra Leone from August to September. “We’ve all heard their promises in the media but have seen very little on the ground.”

Four of the organization’s medical workers who had just returned from Sierra Leone and Liberia said they were frustrated, “chasing after the curve of the outbreak,” according to Jens Pederson, the aid organization’s humanitarian affairs adviser.

“To manage Ebola is not rocket science. It’s very basic infection control and very basic protection of staff,” said Pederson who said clean water, chlorine and soap were enough to disinfect an affected area.

Taking nothing away from the organization, which has wonderful people and does incredible work, if Ebola is so easy to manage, how did 16 of its workers contract it?


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