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From 2001, a prediction of doom

Fly Angler sends along this 2001 Holiday Inn ad featuring an actor who bears an eerie, unsettling likeness to our new Ebola Czar. How did they know?


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In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards. Mark Twain

Many dangers imperil the residents of Phillips - Ebola is probably not one of them

Many dangers threaten the residents of Phillips – Ebola is probably not one of them

Maine school board (Phillips, ME) places teacher on 21-day leave after she travels to Dallas

“At this time, we have no information to suggest that this staff member has been in contact with anyone who has been exposed to Ebola,” the district wrote in a statement published on its website. “However, the district and the staff member understand the parents’ concerns. Therefore, after several discussions with the staff member, out of an abundance of caution, this staff member has been placed on a paid leave of absence for up to 21 days.”

The hotel where the teacher stayed is about 10 miles from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, where the first case of the virus was diagnosed.

MSAD 58 school board member Lois Barker said the Strong teacher was not on an airliner on which the nurse was a passenger.

About 363,000 passengers arrived on international flights into Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in August, the latest month for which statistics are available. About 5 million domestic travelers passed through the airport in the same month.


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This is not your Sir Edmund Hillary’s mountain anymore

Who's wearing the pants in this family?

Who’s wearing the pants in this family?

Joy as Briton and her wife missing in Himalayan killer avalanche are found safe and well

I had to read this headline twice to sort it all out, but, aside from the tragedy itself: scores missing, dozens dead on Mt. Everest, I doubt a happily married lesbian couple would have been on those slopes in 1953. Neither would so many inexperienced tourists, but that’s another matter.


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Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.31.21 AM







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You read it here years ago

Everyone's gone from the moon The Martin Cheslock home, 309 Taconic Rd

Everyone’s gone from the moon
The Martin Cheslock home, 309 Taconic Rd

Greenwich Time notices that back country sales are in the dumpster.

Sales suck up there, and even the 2013 base year the paper compares it to, in which there were far more sales, reflected massive price drops on homes that had sat untouched for years.That trend continues: 217 Taconic Road, for instance, which sold for $13 million this past August, was listed for $24 million when it was put up for sale way back in 2007.

Despite this, of course, back country owners have responded in exactly the opposite way they learned to sell on Wall Street: they’ve raised their prices.

“I think what we’re seeing this year, with that 15 percent decline from where we were last year, is more of a leveling off from what was a big uptick last year,” Haffenreffer said.

But it could also have to do with a shift in the market, as list prices increase rapidly. At the end of last September, 26.5 percent of backcountry listings were priced at or above $6 million; now, the share is up significantly, to 33.8 percent.

When it comes to selling personal residences, cold, hard logic goes out the door.


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