Pandemic nightmare

Public health 2_thumb[2]The doctor who returned from Africa has Ebola, and wandered the city as he grew sicker. Maybe – maybe – the CDC is right, and the virus doesn’t spread through casual contact, but so far, they’ve lied about every other aspect of this disease, including the “fact” that you can’t get it if garbed in proper protective gear: doctors and nurses who have been treating Ebola patients are getting sick, and dying.

It seems to me that, as victims flee Africa and totter around Europe and the U.S., we’ll be seeing more of these cases. And if they infect strangers in large cities, and those strangers infect still more, well … gosh.

“We don’t want to give the impression he self-quarantined, but he did limit his contact,” claimed Dr. Mary Travis Bassett, head of the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

“He did attempt to self-isolate,” she told reporters.

Still, officials conceded that Spencer had also made numerous excursions around the city in the days before he was diagnosed.

That included riding the subway, walking the High Line, taking the Uber car and, on Wednesday night — even as he was already feeling fatigued, according to officials — taking a three-mile run and spending the evening bowling.

Spencer went to The Gutter, a popular Williamsburg bowling and music venue, sources said.

Spencer rode the subway in the past five days, traveling on the A, L and 1 lines, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

His stroll along the High Line also involved a meal at a nearby restaurant, sources said.

Spencer also visited Herald Square in his travels around town, sources added.

The NYPD’s Missing Persons Squad is pitching in, looking at Spencer’s Metro­Card, credit cards and bank statements to track all his travels and determine if any other locations need to be monitored, sources said.

“We haven’t alerted the president to this new development,” White House spokesman Mary Mallon told FWIW, “because he’s still sleeping. Once he’s up, finished his breakfast and returned from the course, I’m sure someone around here will mention it to him. Maybe that Czar guy, if we can find him”


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  1. POTUS has failed in the ebola epidemic as he has in everything else he has touched. Please resign!

    • If the 2012 election were held now, Romney would win in a landslide. Many of us new six years ago that electing a candidate whose sole experience was as a one-term, ineffective senator, an assistant law instructor and a community activist would be a disaster; the general public took six years to discover that. Obama has been – always -all about himself, and seeing Ebola as a political problem, one to be “solved” by appointing a political operative to deal with it, is just the latest example.

      • anonymouse

        CF – did you vote in the last presidential election? I know Romney wasn’t who you would have put up for the nomination. Just curious.

    • If he resigns, Biden becomes president. How’s that going to help?

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Presumably, the brain-damaged one would suffer another massive “aneurism”, you know, like the one that he suffered in 1988 after he plagiarized Neil Kinnock’s speech after John Sasso, Mike Dukaka’s campaign manager, referred its peddlers to the Biden campaign.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Another moron. Amazing a doctor who witnessed first hand the horrific disease wouldnt and couldn’t be bothered to really quarantine himself. Criminal charges should be pondered.

    • anon2

      Add the fact the good doctor has a girlfriend/fiancé. She’s “under observation”, according to the NYC news. One has to assume they had sex when he got home.

      Honey, what fun I had in Africa helping those poor Ebola patients. I hugged every one before I left.

      I need you. I want you. Oooh baby. =girlfriend self quarantine!!

      • The girlfriend def has it.

        • anon2

          Agree that she’ll be the next to test positive. Don’t you think, two educated people, with all the news, they might tell each other, let’s stay platonic for a month.

        • Libertarian Advocate

          anon2. Obama went to Harvard Law School, or so we are told. His performance as President generally has been – at best – grossly negligent. His performance on the Ebola matter has been incomprehensible.

          • I think it’s comprehensible: his entire political career has been about himself, so he sees any crisis from his personal perspective – how will it affect HIM?
            Thus, he appoints someone to “manage” ebola’s political ramifications, rather than address the problem itself. The latter is of no concern.

        • anon2

          LibAdv and CF: Game Set Match. Well played and well worded gentlemen.

    • Anonymous


  3. AJ

    NYPD dispose of protective gear after visiting Ebola infected Dr. Spencer’s apartment. They put it in the same trash that NYC’s homeless rifle through in search of slightly used commodities. The good doctor is obviously part of President Obola’s Team Ebama.

    • anonymouse

      Un-f’n believable. The US needs to order a MANDATORY 21-day quarantine for anyone returning from West Africa, especially anyone who had direct contact with ebola patients! It’s just common sense. I don’t blame the cops, they don’t know the protocol for handling this stuff, haven’t been trained. They should never have been put in this position in the first place.

  4. Anonymous

    He passed the airport screening test which Obama said would worknand is one of the excuses he gives for not halting inbound flights from ebola stricken countries

  5. Mid-Country Cos Cobber

    I want to add a counter argument.

    (1) The nurses and doctors in Doctors without borders are all HEROS. They are willingly putting themselves at risk to help strangers. They do this with no adoration or recognition from anyone … other than its the right thing to do
    (2) Hollywood throws dozens of parties a year to self congratulate themselves; these people putting their lives on the lines get nothing
    (3) He limited his exposure to the public.
    (4) Once he had a 100.3 fever; he called quarantined himself and called it in

    As a commuter into NYC; am I happy with the outcome? No; but lets not let fear govern our reactions. Or specifically, lets not let fear condemn a man who is a hero.

    Should we set-up a quarantine area for anyone with high risk of exposure? Probably

    • Anonymous

      actually, a lot of Christian organizations are there helping as well, but to the extent they get a mention at all, they are referred to as “faith-based organization,” due to the MSM’s anti-Christian bigotry.

    • Anonymous

      How is he a hero? He’s an educated smart guy who went to a godforsaken part of the world, when there is a desperate need right here in his own backyard for doctors to treat the poor and less fortunate. Very likely didn’t make a dent in the big picture of humanity. And now he’s going to die, along with others he possibly infected here in the city (everyone from his girlfriend to the waiter or dishwasher who picked up his plates from the restaurant). The exponential rate of infection might be staggering here.

      Sorry, but I see no heroism in him whatsoever. I see naivete, incredibly poor judgement, and a self-centered world view that has and will cause irreparable unintended harm.

      • We’ll have to disagree. Plenty of doctors and nurses here, few in the poorest countries, and these people choose to go into harm’s way to areas they see the greatest need. You give to the Boy Scouts, I give to the NRA – we all have different concerns.

    • Mid-country, I agree: those people are heroes, and they’re doing heroic work around the world. What does concern me, though, is that if they’re getting infected, despite their training and the care they exercise, then the guidelines we’re employing, based on what we “know”, aren’t sufficient.

      • Mid-Country Cos Cobber

        I fully agree; people coming back with high risk of ebola should be quarantined. And when you are bathed in blood and vomit the odds are high you will get it … liquids can get in the darnest places.

        Not considering them as heros is something that I massively disagree with. When you put your life on the line to help save another = hero in my book. I dont know how else you would define it. There is NO pandemic in the US .. there IS a pandemic there; so he went to where the need was greatest — at great risk to himself = hero.

        Maybe you should go back to glamorizing all of your hollywood idols … I hear one broke a nail on a set today and had to be rushed to the hospital

  6. rivman

    I applaud what these guys are doing in Africa. But there has to be a better safety net upon returning.

  7. adding some diversity:

  8. Fox

    Obama’s ebola policy is simple: if you’re infected but don’t have symptoms you can come to America and wander around all you want until you drop.

    Being a non-PC rube that leads me to conclude that wherever I go there’s a possibility…small but still worth consideration..that the person standing next to me may be infected….not that they’ve been to Liberia, mind you…but that they got it from someone who was there…or associated with someone who associated with someone who was.

    Yes, I’m a moron..not in (bowing now) Obama’s league, but the above leads me to conclude it might be smart to avoid…or at least limit my exposure to…crowded places like restaurants, the subway, airplanes and overflowing stores during the holiday shopping season. Who wants to be sneezed on?

    Of course, in my derangement, I further conclude all this could have been avoided if the “experts” advising our glorious leader had advised a travel ban, securing our land sea and air borders and requiring quarantine for anyone who’d been in a country with ebola.

    What am I missing? An idiot needs to know…..

  9. Toonces

    I had to go to Greenwich Hospital last night (I’m OK now) and when I arrived at 8:30, I made a joke that my husband instructed me to leave immediately if I heard any vomiting. They laughed, but a few mentioned the potential case in NY. By the time I left it was confirmed and they were angry. A few said they couldn’t believe that a doctor, a presumably medically knowledgeable person would take the subway, go bowling etc. They said if someone like that would behave that way, how would a regular person behave? Most of them were furious. I don’t blame them. One said why are they allowing people to fly here? Don’t they know a fever check won’t catch something that can show up 21 days after infection?

  10. Anonymous

    This guy is a doctor and should know better. If someone gets ebola and dies, he should be prosecuted for criminally negligent homicide!