Slow week

Back in town, and I missed nothing, it seems. There were six new pending deals reported this week, compared to 9 the same week last year and 11 the year before that (2012). This is always a slow time of year for real estate sales, but this year is exceptionally slow.

We also saw 7 “contingent contracts” reported, which I can’t compare with previous years because of GML’s record keeping, but of those 7, 2 were for more than $2 million, one was for a house asking $1.185, and the remaining four were under $1 million.


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4 responses to “Slow week

  1. Cos Cobber

    weren’t most of those 06807 homes

  2. Bubba

    Maybe a town ordinance should be introduced requiring that if the asking price for a property is under 1 million, the house must be knocked down and the property sold as land.