Conyers Farm property woes continue

74 Upper Cross Road

74 Upper Cross Road

74 Upper Cross Road, which sold for $13.5 million in 2012 and came back on in August of this year at $13,890, dropped its price today to $11.800. Considering that the Stockman property just sold for $13.150, it’s a fair assumption, especially since David Ogilvy had the buyer for Stockman and the listing for this one, that the Stockman buyer saw both houses and preferred Stockman’s over this. Given the paucity of buyers for homes up here, the owner of 74 may regret not dropping his price sooner and capturing that buyer.


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10 responses to “Conyers Farm property woes continue

  1. Cos Cobber

    I dont get it. Who buys a house like this for such a short period of time. This seems to have happened numerous times around town, more than I would expect for the post ’07 bust.

  2. Publius

    Should one assume that the price paid in 2012 was an “innocent abroad” transaction? Sure seems like it….

  3. Anonymous

    Doesn’t he own another house up there?

  4. Anonymous

    Who was the buyer’s broker when this was purchased in 2012? Someone got very bad advice and overpaid.

    • That would be Mr. Ogilvy, but his buyers aren’t interested in paying the least possible price for their homes, so I’m sure they aren’t miffed later, down the road.

  5. Accolay

    Has D ever acknowledged this blog, and your comments about him, to you before? Must be a kind man…

  6. Anonymous

    I love the house! But, I guess, backcountry is not as popular.