It seems the Democrats have jumped into the abyss of total hysteria

$450,000 ad campaign in Colorado tells male voters that Republican candidate Cory Gardner is going to take away their condoms.

For the record, Gardner supports making birth control pills available over the counter which will make them cheaper, “so that’s like, really banning them, see?”



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18 responses to “It seems the Democrats have jumped into the abyss of total hysteria

  1. Accolay

    Who’s of voting age that actually wears condoms anyways?

  2. anonymous

    One of the fact checking websites already gave that ad a TOTALLY FALSE.

    The ads Wendy Davis runs make this look legit. She’s the lowest of the low. Yet Candy Crowley, said its “beginning to look like Texas might go to Abbot”. Oh dear God. Abbot will win in a landslide.

  3. anon2

    Speaking of lame politicians who fib, funny article about Malloy from Daily Beast. (Hint: author didn’t actually intend article to be funny!)

  4. Dollar Bill

    I’m sure this story will warm the cockles of your readers hearts. A Republican (natch) Secretary of State in Georgia just happens to lose 40,000 voter registration forms. Only the most cynical mind could conceive of the motives behind that. Even arch conservative judge Richard Posner is onto this GOP scam, but, hey, we don’t want the “those people” voting,do we?

  5. Dollar Bill

    I’m sure your comment, Maitre D’, sounded better in the original German. Where did you crawl out of, Stormfront?

    • AJ

      Ah, that Dollar Bill. Sniffs out political incorrectness like a bloodhound, he does.

    • Maitre D'Oyer et Terminer

      Stormfront is a new one to me DB. Not quite my glass of fine claret.

      As for your “German” reference, I note the unique irony that Soros – your side’s prime funder of agit-prop organs – is a self-admitted Nazi collaborator (60 Minutes interview with Steve Kroft in 1998). He even stated that those years were the best of his life. Imagine that!

  6. this is Colorado, dude…. nothing to worry about

  7. Mickster

    Rich people are pouring so much money into Washington DC nowadays the average Joe’s vote is meaningless. And it’s all legal. Sickening.

  8. sunbeam43

    Seems AJ is the resident troll on FWIW! So special to have one onboard, Chris! Does he reside under the Myanus bridge?

  9. Anonymous

    Colorado is the epi-center of liberal-led voter fraud.

  10. dogwalker

    Did he call her sweetpea?