Sales, contracts, and price cuts

3 Mill Pond Court

3 Mill Pond Court

3 Mill Pond Court, Cos Cob, asked for $769,000 and sold via multiple bids for $775,750.

14 Cove Ridge Lane

14 Cove Ridge Lane

14 Cove Ridge Lane, a tear-down directly across from the Fountain hovels on Ole’s Creek, sold for $2.787,500, bless its heart.

10 Perryridge

10 Perryridge

10 Perryridge Road, asking $1.675 million, reports a contract. 

Greyledge - ugly is as ugly does

Greyledge – ugly is as ugly does

And 137-133 Doubling Road, three building lots, is marked down today to $9.250 million, a substantial discount from when it first appeared on the scene in Juy, 2011, asking $15.5 million. This was the site of the old Bolling estate, “Greyledge”, which these sells purchased for $7.6 million in 2000. They tried unloading it in 2004 for $8.2 and when they couldn’t, they purchased an additional bit of land, tore down Greyledge and have subsequently kept the police blotter (well, the ex-wife has) busy with their light-hearted frolics. In fairness to the couple, who were called historical vandals and worse for knocking the pile of stones down, it was truly one ugly house, and won’t be missed – not by me, anyway.


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10 responses to “Sales, contracts, and price cuts

  1. Anonymous

    14 Cove Ridge seemed to be very livable if someone chose to. Is it definitely being torn down? From the cul de sac side, it looks like a tiny guest house.

  2. Anonymous

    Is it subdividable? If not, pure craziness.

  3. re anonymous at 5:20. maybe crazy but it’s on ole’s creek, two properties away from one that sold for $9 million, and four properties away from one that sold for $2.4 million two years ago.

  4. Lady Walker

    Do you think 10 Perryridge will be a tear-down? The place looks like it needs a lot of work and a couple of additional bathrooms at least. Love the street, lots of trees, walk to town.