Well he showed poor judgment in his real estate purchases too

One Lawrence Herzing, 329 Riversville Road, has been arrested and accused of embezzling millions from the hedge fund he works (worked) for, a period of theft that extended from 2004-2013.


The Once and Future 329 Riversville

The Once and Future 329 Riversville

Herzing is the dupe who last year paid $2.575 million for the house under the Merritt Parkway, a property that sat unfinished and exposed to the weather from 2008 until 2013 as the spec builder’s project went through foreclosure. Someone bought the place from the bank and finished it, but then had to wait for a buyer spending other people’s money to appear. That someone was Larry.

On the bright side, he probably won’t have to worry about any structural flaws revealing themselves in the years to come.


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9 responses to “Well he showed poor judgment in his real estate purchases too

  1. Opulence - I has it!

    I disagree with you completely on the wisdom of buying this property. I reckon that its so close to the Merritt a “clever” man like him could generate $200k in advertising revenue and more from a strategically placed cell tower – the possibilities are endless! I actually like the house inside, too!

  2. Cos Cobber

    sad. another foreclosure is a likely outcome.

  3. Anonymous

    that house has had a ton of work happening on or around it the past several months. someone may have bought it?

  4. Just the Facts!

    That work was the Town of Greenwich rebuilding the Riversville Bridge. JTF!

  5. Anonymous

    If you have millions of dollars why would you want to live near the merit? Or I 95? Or the train? Unless you’re deaf or you never go outside. Then I suppose it doesn’t matter.

  6. Anonymous

    true, Bob A. True.