Speaking of being paid for incompetence ….

Today’s Obama schedule has been released.  Gets his daily briefing at 10:15 and will be in Rhode Island fund raising less than an hour later. Interesting that the flight up takes 55 minutes, assuming he receives his 10:15 briefing on his way to the airport, and the flight back requires an hour-and-twenty minutes. Headwinds?

by KEITH KOFFLER on OCTOBER 31, 2014, 12:16 AM

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:10 am || Delivers remarks; Rhode Island College, Providence, Rhode Island
12:50 pm || Departs Rhode Island
2:10 pm || Arrives Joint Base Andrews
5:15 pm || Welcomes local children and children of military families to trick-or-treat at the White House


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30 responses to “Speaking of being paid for incompetence ….

  1. Maitre D'Oyer et Terminer

    On the links at 3:30 perhaps?

    • james

      I am sure he can find a celebrity to play with as soldiers look on, and if not, he can send air force one to pick one up.

  2. AJ

    Yeah, but what about the Wookie? I yearn for more tidbits of her nutritional expertise. Please, Moochelle, please, tell us another food story, please!

  3. anonymous

    I believe Ø is flying to RI from the ME state, Maine. He was in Portland and Cape Elizabeth yesterday. Hence the short flight. I lost a bet yesterday that Ø would helicopter up to Fort Kent for a hug and kiss with the Nurse Agitator, Kaci Hickox. What a pill she is.

    As for The WH treats today, I am sure there won’t be candy. Granola. Raisins. Quinoa bars. Crap kids won’t want but will make Mo look like she cares about the health of the wee ones. Meanwhile, I’m sure her minions have cleared the shelves at CVS for all the Snickers and Mounds.

  4. Also, Sunday he’s gonna shut down my airport in Stratford for the second time in two weeks. The first time it was so he could campaign for CT’s idiot governor, a flight he cancelled at the last minute so he could give an Eboleespeech in DC.
    Now he’s coming this Sunday, locking the place down again, for a last minute (and last ditch) rally for his gun-grabbing buddy.

  5. no mention of the WH halloween party?

    • An excellent piece. I read it in this morning’s WSJ and cut it out for my wife to read to reinforce her aversion to chicanery from any source.

    • AJ

      All good but point number 6. Since when is it liberal to want to know what you’re eating. That’s Libertarian, not Liberal. Since when is it in the Public’s interest to run cover for Monsanto? Who says the stuff is Safe? The studies conducted by Monsanto, by scientists who are almost certainly the same ones who issue dire warnings of global warming doom? Of the same kind if not the same exact ones? The kind that are paid to get the right results? Then they pull the old trick of trying to convince you, though only briefly mentioned, that it’s the same thing as selective breeding, or Mendelian genetics: all natural. I assure you that there is nothing more natural about GMOs than fish humping corn cobs, than snakes bedding down with spiders to produce some venomously foul gruel.

      What about the 65% increase in inflammatory bowel disease in children over the last ten years? The unprecedented increase in colon caner among young people? The swollen guts and intestines, internal bleeding and death of hogs that ate GMO corn. From cereal to yogurt, with corn starch and corn syrup, the crap is just about in everything. You have the right to not be force fed. I call bullshit on point number 6; the rest are pretty good, though.

      • Publius


        Everything you eat is genetically modified. There is nothing that exists in its original form because it has been modified by nature or by man and since man is part of nature by nature. I will concede the point that the aliens in Area 51 were fed a steady diet of GMO wheat and subsequently went into a deep catatonic like shutdown. I don’t believe the Feds know if it was gluten poisoning or a conspiracy by the seed companies to wipe out the little buggers before they took over the world and killed all the wheat eaters….

        • AJ

          You make the standard non sequitur argument that Mendelian genetics and GMOs are one and the same, but carry it one ridiculous step further by saying that since man is part of nature then everything manmade is natural — and thereby safe to eat? Gullible people think that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in water and therefore safe. But the sodium fluoride that your municipality dumps in your drinking water comes in a bag marked with a skull and crossbones. And if you look on the side of a tube of toothpaste you’ll see a warning that if your child eats the stuff, then you should call Poison Control. Where does this fluoride in your water and toothpaste come from? From mine tailings, mostly from China, left over from the process of extracting aluminum — nothing naturally occurring about it at all.

          Look it up for yourself and see what GMO corn is doing to the stomachs and intestines of pigs, which like humans can pretty much eat anything. Why the 65% increase in inflammatory bowel syndrome among children? Why the huge increase in colon cancer in young people? Why do pigs eat the stuff and keel over and drop dead?

          Again I ask, why should people be force fed this crap. If the product is so good, why can’t it stand on it’s own merits like the products and services of most companies? People will clamor for its superior benefits. Why does it need to be delivered by stealth, and why has Monsanto sought special legislation to exempt it from any liability? Since when does protecting special interests do anything to benefit the get up and go to work every morning, common man?

          Nature put in place certain barriers . . .

          “Current understanding of the way in which DNA works is extremely limited, and any change to the DNA of an organism at any point can have side effects that are impossible to predict or control. The new gene could, for example, alter chemical reactions within the cell or disturb cell functions. This could lead to instability, the creation of new toxins or allergens, and changes in nutritional value.

          But haven’t growers been grafting trees, breeding animals, and hybridizing seeds for years?

          Genetic engineering is completely different from traditional breeding and carries unique risks.

          In traditional breeding it is possible to mate a pig with another pig to get a new variety, but is not possible to mate a pig with a potato or a mouse. Even when species that may seem to be closely related do succeed in breeding, the offspring are usually infertile—a horse, for example, can mate with a donkey, but the offspring (a mule) is sterile.

          With genetic engineering, scientists can breach species barriers set up by nature. For example, they have spliced fish genes into tomatoes. The results are plants (or animals) with traits that would be virtually impossible to obtain with natural processes, such as crossbreeding or grafting. . . .”


          Some of the most powerful venoms in nature are nothing more than proteins, and as we’ve seen from Mad Cow Disease, it doesn’t take much, just an alteration of feed to create new proteins with deadly results.

          All that people are asking is that it be labeled so that they can make their own choice. Shit, companies are even required to list salt content and trans fats. But suit yourself, seek the stuff out (Oh, that would be so much easier if it were labeled), and don’t get short changed on getting your share. Feed it to your kids: thirty years later they’ll be oh so grateful that at least they’ve got ObamaCare.

        • AJ

          ‘‘Impartial’ Scientific Journals Rejecting GMO Ads Revealing True Information’

          “. . . So, when biotech shills comment on anti-GMO campaigns and try to get consumers to believe we should just keep eating our GMOs, labeled or not, quoting scientific journals that support genetically modified crops – we know who is calling the shots. There is no free and open press. It is all a money game, and biotech has millions to sway ‘science.’

          This is one big propaganda campaign. Remember this the next time a ‘scientific’ journal tells you GMOs are good for you. The GMO scientists are the new pushers of Lucky Strikes, this time instead of cancer in a lighted stick, its infertility, gut-wrenching intestinal issues, and DNA alteration in a kernel of GMO corn.”


        • AJ

          Get your doctor recommended throat protection.

  6. EOSredux

    I spent much of today in and around Greenwich, including Byram (ugh Mill Road across to Water was a mess, backed up!) and I even admit to traversing into Port Chester for a quick Home Depot run. I just want to know how all of you STAND the traffic?? West Putnam is a constant Dodge Ball game of people exiting and crossing over the lanes, people who turn but don’t use a blinker, stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. One woman in a white Mercedes just STOPPED smack dab in the road. Stopped. She didn’t turn. Like what? I didn’t regroup until I turned off North onto Taconic. I drive in NYC all the time, doesn’t phase me in the least, but for whatever reason, Greenwich unglues me. I’ll need some advise from you regulars.

    Speaking of Taconic, a road that I adore, a sweet new number is being built at about 163’ish? Going north, it’s before S. Stanwich, on the left. Spec house or custom build for the owner? Yes please.

    • GPD Folk

      EO people everywhere have forgotten how to drive patiently, defensively and courteously…I believe it’s the “me first” mentality personified …..they’re in a hurry to get nowhere….you should try traversing Greenwich Avenue!

      • EOSredux

        GPD: I’ve sworn off Greenwich Ave for life after a woman in a Escalade SAT ON HER HORN as I tried to back out of a space, my view half-blocked by another Escalade in the space on my left. It was all I could do to not get out of my car and tell her to ……

        I have my feet up now that I’m back in the serenity that is Bedford. Aaaah.

        • EOS…Greenwich Avenue hasn’t been the same since it went from two-way to one-way. Civility though out the town, not just in driving manners, has steadily eroded as the number of “New Greenwich” reptilian invaders has increased to now become the dominant demographic/psychographic sector of the town’s populace. A grotty bunch they are.

      • AJ

        Well, get out there and round ’em up, GPD.

    • I’ve admired that too, EOS. I believe it’s custom, but I’m not positive of that.

    • Anonymous

      Take I 95 to I 287. The Midland exit is near Home Depot.