Anyone else curious about this?

Center for Disease and Control

Center for Disease and Control

A Liberian now in Oregon has been hospitalized since Friday with a 102 temperature, and no test results have been released.

Since arriving in Portland, the woman had been taking her temperature twice a day and reporting to the Multnomah County Health Department. Until Friday, her temperature had been normal, said Dr. Katrina Hedberg, state health officer. But in the morning it spiked.

Physicians will draw a blood sample, then triple package it according to biohazard regulations for shipment to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta or another CDC lab. Only selected labs in the United States are equipped to run Ebola tests.

If the test is negative, another will probably be done in three days. Often the virus doesn’t show up until the person has been symptomatic for 72 hours.

It could take a day to get the woman’s blood sample to the CDC, Lewis said. The test results take about four hours.

It’s now been 50 hours since that sample was taken, and no word. Yesterday, the pastor who invited this woman to the United States in the first place told reporters that the patient’s fever was gone, and all was well, which is good news for her, if true, but I’m curious why the hospital and CDC have said nothing.

UPDATE, 11/3/: Test results were released last night: she’s ok


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9 responses to “Anyone else curious about this?

  1. “What me worry?” as spoken by Ron Klain…

  2. SNL is kinda meh, but, they had me at that Christopher shout out:

  3. Toonces

    They’ve said nothing because they want to wait till after the election. More ebola in the US now would hurt the democrats.

  4. Anonymous

    does anyone honestly believe ebola is not running around the US…?

  5. Anonymous Citizenette

    I’m afraid there’s an awful lot we don’t know……

  6. james

    My doctor friend says it will be an epidemic by January….

  7. Once

    Carriers of Ebola can come in yet a mom in Ukraine who wants to visit her green card carrying, tax paying daughter for Christmas, is denied entry. For fear she might just stay.