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You know you’ve had a rough day at the office (and that you might have a wee problem with alcohol) when …

Don't you hate when this happens to you?

Don’t you hate when this happens to you?

You ride the E-Train buck naked.

The bare-bodied boob was on the train for at least six stops — from Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street to 23rd Street — and rode with as many as 30 straphangers, Davis said.

“I think people were scared of him. The one thing people did was move away from him like he was dangerous,” Davis said. “There were a lot of blasé New Yorkers that looked — and then looked back at their iPhone as if he wasn’t even there.”

Davis posted the photo to Instagram and Facebook, where comments ranged from the appalled to amused, he said.

The drunkard didn’t seem homeless, Davis said, noting the man didn’t smell bad and was sporting a fresh faux-hawk haircut.


Oh well. Off to Maine, sober, and fully – warmly, too – clothed. I’ll post when I get there. Have a great weekend, all.

(The NY Post has very nicely provided a Seinfeld episode to accompany its story.)


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