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Big money politics

Illegal aliens thank the United States

Illegal aliens thank the United States

NYT: Liberal, tax-exempt foundations have poured more than $300 million into pro-amnesty movement.


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Just so you know ….

Real estate activity is just about nil these days, hence the scarcity of coverage. I spoke with a top mortgage broker at an open house yesterday and he reported the same thing most of us agents are seeing: some high end activity, some low end, when inventory is available, and the $2.5-$3.5 buyers are sitting on the sideline.

I check the MLS website frequently during the day and try to report news as it’s reported, but what little activity there is is mostly rentals and out-of-town sales. Good thing rifle season opens next Wednesday. For now, off to make sausage from the archery season’s production.


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Anyone heard from Dollar Bill?

Aw, you shouldn't have

Aw, you shouldn’t have

Democrat senator calls present war against ISIS “illegal”

Sen. Tim Kaine said Wednesday there’s no legal authority for the current U.S. mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

“We have been engaged in a war — that is not about imminent defense of the United States — without legal authority,” the Virginia Democrat said at the Wilson Center on Wednesday…

The mission is not covered by either the wording or intent of the 2001 and 2002 authorizations for use of military force as the White House argues, Kaine said, adding that such an argument is “ridiculous” and inconsistent with President Barack Obama’s previously stated interpretation of the AUMF.

Kaine, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has proposed a new, limited authorization, specifically targeted to the current mission against ISIS. “We should deal with it right away,” he said, stressing that it could be accomplished in the lame-duck session in Congress.

The author of this WaPo opinion piece, Ilya Somin, goes on to say,

“Like Kaine, I also believe there may well be good justification for using force against ISIS in order to keep it from becoming more powerful, protect vulnerable civilians, and hopefully reverse the gains the terrorist group has already made. But Kaine is right to emphasize that a large-scale military operation like this one requires “a political consensus” behind it. A congressional resolution endorsing the mission and clearly delineating its scope could help achieve that goal. If there is not enough support for such a resolution to pass, that suggests we do not really have the political will to see the mission through, and should cut our losses while we still can. Even aside from constitutional issues, it is unwise to enter a potentially difficult war without broad political support. Such a policy risks a quick collapse of will as soon as any setbacks occur. And fighting and losing is often both more costly and more dangerous than not fighting at all would have been.”


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They sound like all the Greens I know

Welcome to the Mother Gaia Cafe

Welcome to the Mother Gaia Cafe

Brazilian cannibals go on trial for chopping people up and putting them in puff pastries.

At the time of their arrest they told police they belonged to a sect that preached “the purification of the world and the reduction of its population.”

Just saying.


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My god, sexism is EVERYWHERE! Who knew?


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So which is it?

Last week we were treated to hysterical complaints from feminists that a model who, cameras rolling, paraded; trolled, actually, past construction sites and was greeted by whistles and “hellos”, proving that women lived in an oppressive city, victimized by rude men.

Today, we learn that another model who stripped naked below her waist and strolled around NYC in painted-on “jeans” was not noticed, proving that women live in a cold, unobservant city, victimized by men’s indifference. 

Or, possibly, most people are busy minding their own business. Maybe we could somehow persuade these professional victims to just shut up and get on with their lives.

Oh boo hoo, nobody is watching me

Oh boo hoo, nobody is watching me


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