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When the law ruled

"Undocumented immigrant" coming to contribute to our nation

“Undocumented immigrant” coming across the Rio Grande  to contribute to our nation

Faced with a tidal wave of illegal immigrants and growers and politicians (like LBJ) who protected them, President Eisenhower appointed a West Point classmate to head the INS, transferred INS agents complicit in the invasion, and cleared the country. 

Can’t do it? Hell man, he did it.


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Well, they’re not really muslims then, are they?

Depends who you hate, doesn't it?

Depends who you hate, doesn’t it? CAIR protest in Miami

CAIR placed on terrorist list by United Arab Emirates.  Silence from the White House on that one, but our president, commenting on ISIS’s latest beheading of an aid worker, insisted that “their act represents no faith, least of all the Muslim faith.”

It’s getting harder and harder to find a group that does “represent the muslim faith’ – not if terrorist groups are excluded from consideration.

And of course, there’s always the liberal way; just deny, as the Episcopalians did last week, when they invited CAIR and their fellow criminals into the National Cathedral to celebrate the Prophet Mohammad, successor to Jesus Christ, whom the Episcopals once so erroneously worshipped. “Forget wearing hair shirts,” the Cathedral’s spokesman Gina Campbell declared to FWIW, “it’s long past time we paid for our sins and donned suicide vests.”


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Another fine real estate photo

My daughter is looking at houses in the Albany NY area.  The house was a mess.  She didn’t realize that the dirty Keurig she saw had a mouse in it.  I guess you might have seen worse in houses you looked at. But it seems discovering a dead body might be a first!

Linda in Poughkeepsie
Could be worse: could have been Ostercized

Could be worse: could have been Ostercized


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Can’t afford organic food? “Eat less”

Not chemo, style

Not chemo, style

That’s the advice of Dame Vivienne Westwood, British food activist and friend of the poor

Can’t they just eat cake? 


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Weak sisters

Dr.Matt Taylor celebrates the oppression of women

Dr. Matt Taylor celebrates the oppression of women

Glenn Reynolds wrote an opinion piece the other day lampooning the “feminists” who were upset with a man’s shirt; “One small shirt for a man, one giant leap backwards for women”, and the femi-zazis have gone absolutely wild.

So how are things going for feminism? Well, last week, some feminists took one of the great achievements of human history — landing a probe from Earth on a comet hundreds of millions of miles away — and made it all about the clothes.

Yes, that’s right. After years of effort, the European Space Agency’s lander Philae landed on a comet  300 million miles away. At first, people were excited. Then some women noticed that one of the space scientists, Matt Taylor, was wearing a shirt, made for him by a female “close pal,” featuring comic-book depictions of semi-naked women. And suddenly, the triumph of the comet landing was drowned out by shouts of feminist outrage about … what people were wearing. It was one small shirt for a man, one giant leap backward for womankind.

The Atlantic‘s Rose Eveleth tweeted, “No no women are toooootally welcome in our community, just ask the dude in this shirt.” Astrophysicist Katie Mack commented: “I don’t care what scientists wear. But a shirt featuring women in lingerie isn’t appropriate for a broadcast if you care about women in STEM.” And from there, the online feminist lynch mob took off until Taylor was forced to deliver a tearful apology on camera.

It seems to me that if you care about women in STEM, maybe you shouldn’t want to communicate the notion that they’re so delicate that they can’t handle pictures of comic-book women. Will we stock our Mars spacecraft with fainting couches?

Not everyone was so censorious. As one female space professional wrote: “Don’t these women and their male cohorts understand that *they* are doing the damage to what/whom they claim to defend!?”

No, they don’t. Or, if they do, their reservations are overcome by the desire to feel important and powerful at others’ expense. Thus, what should have been the greatest day in a man’s life — accomplishing something never before done in the history of humanity — was instead derailed by people with their own axes to grind. As Chloe Price observed: “Imagine the … storm if the scientist had been a woman and everyone focused solely on her clothes and not her achievements.”

Yes, feminists have been telling us for years that women can wear whatever they want, and for men to comment in any way is sexism. But that’s obviously a double standard, since they evidently feel no compunction whatsoever in criticizing what men wear. News flash: Geeks don’t dress like Don Draper.

The Examiner observed, The great Sarah Palin once noted that there are two types of feminist. There are the “Annie Oakley feminists” who are accomplished, skilled, and strong and there are the “faculty lounge feminists” who have nothing better to do but to whine and complain about imagined slights. “#Shirtstorm” proves that there are not enough of the former and far too many of the latter.

Which is why the left so abhors Sarah Palin – she actually says what everyone knows to be true.

UPDATE: A Twitter friend of Dr. Taylor  has come to his aid and designed him a new shirt, one that will meet current politically-acceptable standards. “Now that’s better™”



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Well, when it’s for a greater good …

PETA Kills DogsAlthough it’s hard to see what the greater good was that was involved here. PETA snatches family’s pet Chihuahua from their front yard, snuffs it, and returns three days later with an apology and a fruit basket.

Animal rights group PETA has been accused of stealing a family’s beloved dog, driving away and then killing it by the pet’s distraught owners.

Surveillance footage appears to show the animal rights group taking away Maya – a Chihuahua – from the front porch of her family’s trailer in Parksley, Virginia.

And according to Wilbur Cerate, whose daughter has been distraught since Maya left, two PETA representatives knocked on his door three days later to tell him his dog had been killed.

PETA has a history of killing large percentages of the animals in its possession – a process it defends because it claims to be the ‘shelter of last resort’.

On its website, a statement says: ‘When impoverished families cannot afford to pay a veterinarian to let a suffering and/or aged animal leave this world, PETA will help.

‘When an aggressive, unsocialized dog has been left to starve at the end of a chain with a collar grown into his neck and his body racked with mange, PETA will spare him from dying slowly and miserably in someone’s backyard.’

But annual reports on PETA’s track record caring for animals show that more than 97 per cent of creatures in its care were killed since 1998.

Some 1,792 such animals were put to death at its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, in 2013 alone, pushing the total death toll, which has risen further since, beyond 31,000.

These are the same people who have delayed, impeded and even stopped drug tests that might save people’s lives, like that of my son’s. I don’t like them,


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So what’s the problem?

Obama unveils the start of his new executive war on “Global Warming”, brags that the no one can stop him without defunding the EPA.

Go for it guys; shut ’em down.


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A surprisingly candid admission from Malloy’s office

On the one hand, we have the Fairfield County tax base and on the other hand - well, there IS no other hand

On the one hand, we have the Fairfield County tax base and on the other hand – well, there IS no other hand

Despite using all the fiscal shenanigans they could come up with (transferring $3 billion in Medicare obligations off the books, for instance), Malloy will grudgingly announce some budget cuts this Friday . Nothing noble about that: our constitution requires at least a nominally-balanced budget, but I found this assessment by Malloy’s budget director, Benjamin Barnes, interesting:

“We have entered into a period of permanent fiscal crisis in state and local government, it seems,” he said.

It would be even more encouraging if Mr. Barnes and his boss were to ponder how and why we have entered to permanent fiscal crisis, but for now, let’s be grateful for an end to denial. Next stage is anger, I think, so Greenwich taxpayers, watch out.


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