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Seen in VT, land of plain speaking and simple logic

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November 20, 2014 · 7:16 pm

Does she realize how apt a comparison she’s made?

Pelosi on Obama’s executive amnesty plan: Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was also an executive order”.

Lincoln issued that order, which declared all slaves held in “the rebellious states” only, to be free men, while we were at war with a foreign enemy He did so to harm the Confederacy, and to throw it into chaos.

So who is Obama at war with, and what country is he trying to destroy?


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Back, briefly

I’ll catch up on real estate news, if there was any the past two days, shortly, but in honor of tonight’s pronouncement of Executive Amnesty by our self-crowned emperor (a speech, by the way, that will be broadcast only on the Spanish networks), there’s this observation: Obama is about to commit and act of constitutional infamy.

As the liberal law professor Jonathan Turley put it last night, this is a “particularly dangerous moment” for the president to defy the will of Congress yet again, just 15 days after an election in which the American people registered their emphatic (anti-Obama) judgment. “What the president is suggesting is tearing at the very fabric of the Constitution,” according to Professor Turley. “We have a separation of powers that gives us balance. And that doesn’t protect the branches — it’s not there to protect the executive branch or legislative branch — it’s to protect liberty. It’s to prevent any branch from assuming so much control that they become a threat to liberty.”

Professor Turley may be that rare creature, a liberal who can see principles through the gauze of expediency, but he’s just that: rare. The Democrat drones like FWIW’s Dollar Bill will be cheering (in Spanish) as their liberty is stripped away.


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