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We depend on the kindness of strangers; and friends

John meets Marcus - one big fellow!

John meets Marcus – one big fellow!

John and Sarah toured the Patriot’s Hall of Fame today and met Marcus Cannon, a fellow cancer survivor and all-around tough guy (6’5″, 358 lbs, according to the team), who took the time on the eve of an important game to meet with and encourage a sick fan. FWIW’s other (JRH being the second) lonely Harvard liberal reader, Jim Bell, set it up with a very nice Pats representative,  Stacy James, along with game tickets tomorrow, but really, the support and kindness of all you readers and friends has made such a huge, huge difference to the entire Fountain clan.

John’s chemo is doing a good job of ravaging his body but otherwise, not so much. His doctor wants to add bevacizumab (Avastin) to the chemo cocktail, though the side effects seem severe and the benefits limited. John and I have had several cost/benefit cost analysis discussions weighing prolonging vs. quality of life; not a discussion any parent wants to have with his child or ever dreamed of in his worst nightmare, but there it is; unfortunately, it seems that doctors tend to see cancer as the enemy to be defeated at all costs, even if that defeat can’t be accomplished, even if the patient is forgotten. I don’t know whether that’s really the case here, but it feels like it, so John and I will figure it out ourselves or, more accurately, for himself – I’m just a bystander in this decision, with perhaps some insight to contribute.

All that said, he’s not the least bit beaten down; it’s his parents who worry. In the meantime, he’s off to watch the Pats whup Detroit tomorrow. Or, as Sarah put it in a text to me today, “Road trip with Bro! Whoopee!”


Thank you all, once again.


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