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Our next president, really?

Our next president, really?

From Instapundit

WELL, WITH HILLARY IT’S MORE LIKE BEN-GAY AND GIN:  Can any 2016 Democrat have that ‘new car smell’?



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  1. Bumper sticker on a pickup truck at my local diner: “Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one”, with a line through Hillary’s ugly puss!

  2. housecat

    Like Michael Corleone’s goodbye kiss to brother Fredo…

  3. Man, Hil gets harder to look at every day, but what difference, at this point, does it make?

  4. Al Dente

    I remember when I was a kid, my grandmother would come over on Sundays. She didn’t smell like Ben-Gay and gin, it was like mothballs and Chanel No. Poo

    I don’t even want to think what Hillary must smell like.

  5. AJ

    Just returned to the US the other day where I was pulled inside and detained for half an hour while some serious looking fellow with a military haircut was all business while he stared at his computer.

    Not surprising, but what was surprising was I got the same treatment from the US Border patrol when leaving the country a few weeks ago. Guess we’re an Iron Curtain country now. Gorbachev tore down the wall; we rebuilt it over here.

  6. “Our next president, really?”

    Yes, really. Democrats have a lock on 16 states with 242 electoral votes. 95% of Blacks, 70% of Hispanics, 70% of Jews, 60+% of Asians, and 40% of Whites vote Democratic. It doesn’t matter how overweight, incompetent, and dishonest she is — she will be elected. And a large number of women will be very pleased that one of their gender shattered the Last Glass Ceiling.

    • anon

      not according to this editorial in the WSJ:

      President Obama ’s high-risk immigration gamble may have severe consequences for Washington, the country and the Democratic Party, most of all Hillary Clinton .

      Mrs. Clinton’s putative bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is already running into trouble. The national exit poll from the recently completed midterm elections showed her with less than a majority of voters (43%) saying she would make a good president. When pitted against an unnamed Republican candidate, Mrs. Clinton lost 40% to 34%.

      Those grim numbers followed on a September WSJ/NBC poll showing a plunge in Mrs. Clinton’s favorability rating, to 43%, from 59% in 2009.

      And that was before President Obama launched a defiant post-midterm campaign discarding political compromise and unilaterally doubling down on his unpopular policies. As a candidate, Mrs. Clinton would likely inherit a damaged party—and as a former member of his administration, she would struggle with the consequences of Mr. Obama’s go-it-alone governance.

      The latest indication of the president’s politically damaging approach was his move on Thursday to unilaterally grant amnesty to an estimated five million illegal immigrants. A Rasmussen poll released Nov. 18 found that 53% of likely voters opposed the amnesty without congressional approval, while 34% approved. Moreover, 62% of those polled said that the president lacks the legal authority to take the action without congressional approval, and 55% said Congress should challenge the executive order in court.

      That’s a problem for Democrats, who will be asked to defend the president, as they have had to do with other Obama policies, like the Affordable Care Act, that lack the support of most Americans…

      • That essay implies the existence of a substantial number of swing voters, which is a mistake. There are now extremely few voters who ever change or deviate in national elections. And the mainstream media will throughly trash the Republicans nominee, so that Hillary will look saintly and competent by comparison. She may down now against a generic Republican, but that will change once a specific Republican lamb is led to the media slaughter. Remember Romney’s bullying in high school? His indifference too his garbage men? His dog on the roof of the car? His downsizing that cost jobs? His distain for the 47% percent? All these may seem silly to informed, intelligent people, but they are red meat to low information Democratic voters. It is one way to rally the base. The other is the voter turnout effort, at which the Democrats excel in Presidential years.

    • Anonymous

      She shattered the glass ceiling because she weighs 200 pounds — hardly an accomplishment. You can tell a lot about a person as they age. The fact that she looks like the purple creature from the horror flick “The House” is telling,

  7. Inagua, she doesn’t have a chance.
    Do you think the 20-to-30 generation will get behind a 69 year old, who has been around forever, and has no charm? She’ll be the oldest Pres. in history but for Reagan.
    Everyone loves an underdog. Hillary is the overdog.