For the first time in memory, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade should be fun to watch

That deflated feeling

That deflated feeling

Anarchists plan to stop the parade and De Blasio has ordered the cops to do nothing

Anarchists plotted on Wednesday to disrupt the Thanksgiving Day Parade — feeling emboldened after cops allowed them to run free on major roadways like the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway, The Post has learned.

“The police aren’t going to arrest us and they are not going to shoot us,” an organizer who calls himself “Magiq” boasted to a group of two dozen rabble-rousers at a Union Square planning session Wednesday night.

“Don’t let consumerism outshine injustice. Keep the NYC protests going, stomp right over Macy’s thanksgiving parade,” wrote a user named Aleks!

“Stopping the parade would make such a huge statement,” added a user named Luna ­Koshka, who added, “We can see snoopy next year. But Mike Browns[sic] mother will never see her child again.”

“We feel empowered. We feel rejuvenated right now,” Senegal Mapry, 18, of Manhattan, said during an earlier gathering at Union Square Wednesday.

“The police are backing down because they don’t want to cause any more riots. If they put their hands on another minority, all-out war will break out.”

Sources said Mayor de Blasio ordered the NYPD to give a free ride to the mobs that blocked the Lincoln Tunnel, Brooklyn Bridge and other major thoroughfares Tuesday night.

“It’s coming from City Hall,” a source said. “We’re being told if it’s only traffic violations, don’t do anything.”


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8 responses to “For the first time in memory, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade should be fun to watch

  1. Cos Cobber

    Just kids and morons that should be dropped out of a plane into Cuba, Venezuela, etc where consumerism has been defeated.

  2. Anonymous Citizenette

    Well, it can’t be any worse than seeing the male cast from Broadway’s “Kinky Boots” kicking up their tranny booted ripped fishnet wearing legs that was my personal highlight/low point from last year’s parade.

    Seriously, the sad state of morale in the NYPD is reminding me of my late hubby’s horror stories of the Dinkins years, where they had to stand there in the street in a line during the Korean grocer riots and not react as they were pelted with bottles, rocks, and more. To when they would be called to housing projects by false 911 calls so that fridges and stoves could be pushed off roofs to hit them, our worse, to be shot at. Every parent knows that the way to deal with out of control kids is not to let them blow of steam and destroy your house….bad behavior needs to be nipped in the bud.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, let’s keep the faith and hope for better days to come.

    • I worked in the city during the Dinkins era. Between the aggressive pan handlers and squeegee men above ground and the roving bands of criminals in subway system the city was chaos. Anyone who could possibly afford to take cabs did not take the subway, which left the poor and working class as the victims of the muggers. It was so bad that the last time he ran for office he actually had transit cops on the subway platforms during the week before the election, thinking that would fool people into thinking the subways were safe.

      He lost anyway, thank goodness.

  3. everything today seems to be a re-play of Animal House

  4. anonymous

    the Obama’s are eating just fine today. Guess Michelle’s low cal menu is only for poor people.

    Thyme Roasted Turkey

    Honey-Baked Ham

    Cornbread Stuffing

    Oyster Stuffing

    Braised Winter Greens

    Macaroni and Cheese

    Sweet Potato Gratin

    Mashed Potatoes

    Green Bean Casserole

    Dinner Rolls


    Banana Cream Pie

    Coconut Cream Pie

    Pumpkin Pie

    Apple Pie

    Pecan Pie

    Cherry Pie”

  5. Anonymous

    The foxes are in the henhouse on soooooo many levels.

  6. Gnawbone

    I can only sit in amazement here and ponder the things people in large cities will put up with. If anyone behaved in this way in our village they wouldn’t make it home standing up and the demonstration would be over before the fourth pickup came to a stop.

  7. So is that what really happened in Christie Gate?