Next, she’ll warn us of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide

AG Karen Straughn, guardian of the stupid people - takes one to know one?

AG Karen Straughn, guardian of the stupid people – takes one to know one?

Maryland’s Assistant Attorney for Consumer Protection warns her citizens to beware of an urban myth.

According to ABC’s, the consumer protection advocate is telling people that if they suddenly notice a $100 bill on their windshield, they should not get out of their cars:

Most people would, possibly thinking it’s a holiday gift from a stranger, but, really, authorities say, it could just be how you get caught in a scam. Authorities in Maryland are warning people about the potential for this kind of scam, particularly around the holidays.

They’re warning people that when the driver exits the car with the door open to grab the bill, a thief has the opportunity to steal the vehicle.

Um… before even discussing the fact that this is an urban myth, can we think about it logically for just a sec? How could you be in your car and then notice a $100 bill on your windshield? Did you get in with your eyes closed? And if someone was standing close by, ready to pounce, why would he bother with a $100 bill? You’re there, he’s there. Pounce.

And how many pouncers have a cool, crisp $100 bill to use (and perhaps lose!) on this venture, anyway? Wouldn’t a $10 bill work just as well? Or even a coupon for a free Chipotle?

But, of course, all that is beside the point. Straughn, a public protectress, says she has heard one “unknown resident” mention “one incident” of this happening—the old friend-of-a-friend grapevine—but “has not seen a police report about it.” Of course not. No one has. Because it never happened.

She’ll probably wait for summer, when the swimming pools reopen, to issue an alert on DMO.


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  1. Karen and Moochelle could be best of friends.

  2. sunbeam43

    And don’t forget Debbie! (Wassup-Shultz)

  3. AJ

    Another finger wagging asshat. Seems they’re as plentiful as weeds. My favorite being the Asshat in Chief, followed closely by Ms. “Business doesn’t create jobs,” the Hildabeast.

  4. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    Wow. Now THAT’s an ugly person.

  5. the stupid enabling the stupid for fun and profit

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  7. Walt

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  8. riverside girl

    why haven’t you commented on 150 riverside avenue?

    • Walt

      Can I take a wild stab at this? Maybe it’s because it’s a Holiday weekend, and he is enjoying time with his family?

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    • Walt

      But I will comment on it, to satisfy you, you self-centered little BASTARD.

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        • anon

          That wasn’t Riverside Chick. She’s been around a long time and behaves. This is some one timer, riverside girl.

        • Walt

          Dude –

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    • Riverside Dog Walker

      That is one aggressive price on 150 Riverside Ave, particularly since a similar, albeit smaller and unrenovated house but on a larger and better lot, at 197 Riverside Ave had a hard time selling. 197 looks to be off the market now, they must have got $2.5M or so.

      And despite saying 150 Riverside has 6200sf, it looks small and chopped up. No comment on the wallpaper.

  9. golly! this America place sounded pretty spiffy. i wonder what happened to it?